Nintendo Switch Online: This is the most popular subscription option among gamers

In September, Nintendo’s online service, Nintendo Switch Online, was launched, which is essential if you want to play online.

How many Switch owners make use of this option is not yet known.

But at least we know that the players who have decided to do it are mostly long-term.

At least that’s what Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said today in Osaka, reports Bloomberg’s tech reporter Yuji Nakamura.

More than 50 percent of users of Nintendo Switch Online have therefore decided to subscribe to the service for a year. This variant is therefore much more popular than the options for one or three months.

That makes sense especially from a financial point of view. An annual subscription costs just 19.99 euros and is therefore noticeably cheaper than the competition from Sony or Microsoft. And the annual subscription costs significantly less than twelve individual months or four times three months.

It matches the latest information from the Japanese video store chain Tsutaya, according to which prepaid cards for Nintendo Switch Online are selling “extremely well” and the annual version is the most popular.

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