Nintendo Switch Online will bet very strongly on multiplayer

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch online service, Nintendo Switch Online, will be released in September this year. It will be the first Nintendo console that charges for online use.

The service will cost € 3.99 per month, € 7.99 per 3 months, € 19.99 per one year, is a price significantly lower than PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Nintendo Switch Online will offer “a compilation of classic titles” each month, titles such as Super Mario Bros 2, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario. Unlike Ps Plus or Xbox Live Gold, which allows you to keep the game as long as you keep paying, the game will only be free for the month in question. Online features will also be added for these games of 8 and 16 bits, including leaderboards and multiplayer. For its part, Nintendo Switch Online will remain free until September.

“Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will have continuous access to a library of classic games with additional online games, users can play as many games as they want, whenever they want, as long as they have an active subscription”

#NintendoSwitch Online will launch in September 2018!

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) February 1, 2018

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