Nintendo Switch will leave Miiverse aside and bet on Facebook and Twitter

Nintendo has shared with the Kotaku medium and they have talked about sharing content on social networks since Nintendo switch. Do you want to know what the Big N thinks?

Nintendo Switch will bet on the nine social networks: Facebook and Twitter

Nintendo has confirmed that content can be shared on social networks from the new console, what has not specified is whether this content will only be photos, or if it will include video … or to which networks. Today we know a little more about it thanks to the information provided by Kotaku.

It seems that Nintendo It is already studying the possibility that its new and brand-new console that will be released on March 3, share videos, that if this function would not be available since the launch of the new machine of course. The good news is that Nintendo Study the possibility of Switch capturing videos to upload to the most popular social networks: Facebook or Twitter.

With respect to Miiverse, Nintendo has confirmed in the interview that “his social network” will remain on Wii U and 3DS, so we will not see it in Nintendo switch, which confirms the end of the cycle of the social network to the life of these machines.