A new Nindies Showcase, good news for Cyberpunk 2077 fans, new items and skins for Fortnite, Oddjob in GoldenEye is cheating and a lot of new trailers: all this in this brand new Night Watch!

Gamescom is still in full swing, but most of the news and trailers have now been released while the halls are filling with far too many gamers and gigantic rows. It does not matter, in the Night Watch you can read all the important news that there is, you do not have to walk around the fair if you do not feel like it!

Nintendo will air new Nindies Showcase next week

Next Tuesday (August 28) at 6:00 PM Dutch time, Nintendo will broadcast a new Nindies Showcase! Just before Gamescom, Nintendo already treated us to a video full of indie games, then mainly aimed at European developers. The upcoming Nindies Showcase is leading up to PAX, so quite a few new indie games are expected to pop up here.

It’s not like there is a shortage of indie games on the Switch. Recently, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Overcooked 2 and Bomb Chicken have already been released, and those are just the highlights in a vast ocean of indie games. In the video that Nintendo posted online earlier this week, Prisin Architect, Bad North and Morphie’s Law were shown. These games can now also be downloaded from the eShop.

Great, but now the Guard also wants to know when the new Nintendo Direct will be released!

Bandai Namco comes with mmo Bless Unleashed

Bandai Namco is also finally making a mmo called Bless Unleashed, which is part of the Bless Online franchise. The game will come ‘first’ to the Xbox One sometime in 2019, so it will probably also appear on other platforms afterwards.

The game will be free to play and will run on Unreal Engine 4. Developer Neowiz, known for several Korean RPGs, makes the game that will contain an open world, PvP elements and five imaginative classes. Below is a screenshot.

Fortnite now has a portable Rift

Since season 5 of Fortnite, Rifts can be found all over the map. Jump in and you will be thrown up, from where you can fly down again. However, an update for the game was released yesterday that allows you to find a portable Rift as an item and open it in a place of your choice. The Rift then remains open for ten seconds, giving you – and of course opponents – the chance to move through it. The Rifts can be found in boxes and vending machines.

The patch has also postponed the challenges of week 7 for a day – they will now come online later today, while they normally appear on Thursdays.

The released update has also been looked at more closely by data miners, who have discovered a huge list of upcoming skins, backpacks and emotes. There is also a cool new grenade launcher coming to the game. You can check out the complete list of leaked stuff coming to Fortnite here, and the Guard has posted some examples below.

World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth breaks sales records

Battle for Azeroth appeared just over a week ago and has broken a sales record. The game has sold more than 3.4 million times. So many copies of World of Warcraft or an extension of the mmo have never been sold on day one before.

Gamers who have plunged into WoW again thanks to the expansion are waiting for plenty of new content. The 20-player co-op battle called Stromgarde is coming up, and the first raid, Uldir, arrives on September 4. The first PvP season and the first Mythic Keystone dungeon season also kick off on that day.

By the way, here you can read our extensive review of Battle for Azeroth, written by Alie!

Fly it in with Ace Combat 7

Earlier this week we already heard that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will be released on January 18 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and on February 1 on PC. Now Bandai Namco has also released a new teaser trailer for the flying game. Although it is only half a minute long, it is quite spectacular!

Rare finds Oddjob in GoldenEye 007 also use cheating

PU readers old enough will still remember playing GoldenEye 007 with friends for years. One of the rules that many players agreed with friends is not to choose Oddjob as a character in multiplayer. The little guy felt a bit like cheating because he’s a lot smaller than the other characters and thus harder to hit. Especially since the auto-aim in the game didn’t work very well in combination with the small body of the villain.

We are now 21 years later and guess what? Developer Rare sees Oddjob itself as a cheat too! Karl Hilton (the lead environment artist) and Mark Edmonds (gameplay and engine programmer) report this with a big wink in an interview with Mel Magazine. “When we were testing the game internally, we all thought it was a bit of a challenge to use Oddjob,” Hilton says, “but it was too much fun to get it out of the game. Edmonds: ‘It’s definitely cheating when you play as Oddjob! But that can only make the game more fun when you all sit next to each other and make fun of the person who chooses him. ‘

Want to play a game of GoldenEye soon? Oddjob is prohibited!

Switch best-selling console in the US in July, Octopath Traveler was the best-selling game

A bit of news from the US of A: the Switch was the best-selling console there in July. The best-selling game is a big surprise: it is Octopath Traveler, a hardcore (j) rpg that has apparently done very well! In second place was Grand Theft Auto 5, because that game keeps selling.

Mat Piscatella, an analyst at NPD who tracks US game sales, walks through all the details in the video below. Please note: there are no figures, as they will not be published publicly.

Rumor: Microsoft comes with a subscription that includes console, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass

The Windows Central website claims Microsoft is working on a special subscription that will give players an Xbox One S or Xbox One X and memberships for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. This service would be called ‘Xbox All Access’ and spread the costs over two years. For the time being, the service would only be available in the United States.

For an Xbox One S and access to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass, people would pay $ 22 a month for two years. For an Xbox One X with the same services, it would cost $ 35 per month. It is therefore not necessary to buy a console separately and after those two years the console belongs to the person who paid. Would you like such a service?

Trailer time

It’s Gamescom week and that means the trailers and gameplay videos keep coming. Hopefully the Guard did not miss the trailers below elsewhere on SamaGame, but at least there is a lot of beauty! Below you’ll find:

  • Metro Exodus (gameplay)
  • Super Mario Party (New River Survival Mode gameplay)
  • Fifa 19 on Switch (gameplay)
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken (cinematic)
  • The Missing (gameplay trailer, new game from Deadly Premonition creator Swery)
  • Darksiders 3 (gameplay)
  • Call of Duty: WWII-dlc The Shadow of War (trailer)

Cyberpunk 2077 can be played internally from start to finish

Engadget interviewed on Gamescom Cyberpunk 2077 producer Richard Borzymowski about the upcoming open-world game from CD Projekt Red, and said the developer had done quite a bit recently: the entire game is now playable from start to finish! Look, the Guard likes to hear that, as he can’t wait for the game to appear.

“It doesn’t have all the right assets yet and bugs have yet to be fixed, but seeing how the whole story comes together is an important step in the development process,” said Borzymowski. The Guard saw the famous and mysterious demo behind closed doors at Gamescom and can now no longer wait for the new game from the studio behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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