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No Man’s Sky – How to get Atlas Stones, Curvature Cells and rare items with the exploit

No Man’s Sky – How to get Atlas Stones, Curvature Cells and rare items with the exploit

Apparently, No Man’s Sky has a rather remarkable exploit that allows users to accumulate rare items and duplicate the entire contents of their ship’s inventory an unlimited number of times. So many, in fact, that it allows you to reach the center of the galaxy and finish the game very quickly.

The point is to use a quick trick to double the inventory content, and repeat it until you are satisfied. It’s highly unlikely that Hello Games will allow this for long, so let’s explain how to do it while you can. Also, it goes without saying that you don’t use it if you’re looking for a totally organic experience at No Man’s Sky; it is an optional exploit, so use it at your own risk.

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No Man’s Sky exploit – How to get Infinite Curvature Cells and Atlas Stones

This is the process, step by step:

  • Put the items you want to duplicate in your ship’s inventory.
  • Save the game. You can do it quickly by docking at a Space Station. The game saves automatically every time you leave your ship inside the hangar of a Space Station.
  • Get in your ship and go into outer space.
  • Let them kill you or die. The fastest way is to get the attention of the Sentinels. Going for some pirates will work too.
  • When you charge again, check that your ship’s inventory is empty and that your exosuit inventory is still as it was.
  • Load saved game ‘Previous‘, not the most recent. It is important that you go to the saved game of before of your death.
  • Your ship’s inventory should be full again, as it was before you died. However, the ‘Grave’ should still appear on the HUD, marking the point where you died.
  • Leave some space in your ship’s inventory (items you collect while on your ship will always go into the ship’s inventory, so you need space), and head to your grave.
  • When you pass over your grave you will collect all the objects in your ship’s inventory, so you will have twice as much. You will be able to continue collecting items from your grave until you recover all of your inventory.
  • Sell, discard or destroy any items you don’t need so you can have more space to collect the rest of the inventory or repeat the process.
  • With this video maybe it will be clearer how it works:

    That’s all! Note that you can double the contents of your inventory each time you exploit, so you can accumulate a lot of Atlas Stones or Curvature Cells to quickly reach the center of the universe.