Those who subscribe to the Game Pass can spin the great space adventure of Hello Games on both Xbox One and PC.

There are few games that have undergone such a change as No Man’s Sky, which, contrary to promises, came out as a bleak and soulless game, and then, thanks to the perseverance of the developers, it eventually grows into a truly great, varied pastime. More people will soon be able to try out the assorted activities the space playground has to offer, thanks to the Xbox Game Pass.

Hello Games recently announced that they will not let No Man’s Sky players down and will continue to make some major updates during 2020. The game’s universe could be even more popular now, as it will soon be included in the Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox One and PC – the latter also means a Windows 10 edition is coming.

We don’t know yet if the owners of the existing steames and the new version will be able to play with each other. It would be important to be able to solve the cross-play, as one of the important elements of No Man’s Sky is multiplayer, so we hope for the best.

  • Developer: Hello Games
  • Publisher: Hello Games
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4
  • Style: FPS, MMO
  • Appearance: 08/10/2016

This time, the creators of Joe Danger delight players with a sci-fi game: in No Man’s Sky, we can walk around and get to know a randomly generated universe.

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