Corridor noises announcing an imminent closure of Google Stadia intensifying, the cloud gaming service was forced to defend itself on social networks. “Stadia is not closing. Rest assured that we are constantly striving to bring new, quality games to the platform and to Stadia Pro,” the official Stadia account tweeted in response to a player’s concern.

A message that should not reassure users when a previous report indicated that Google would have decided to sell its cloud gaming technology rather than market it itself, and that the group is known to quickly close services that do not work. not.


He shared a testimony from a source who presents himself as a “former colleague and friend” of one of Google’s regional managers. According to him, a seminar would have recently been organized with employees in California, and Google would have presented a Stadia exit plan there.

No exact date would have been fixed, but the source evokes an end of service “before the end of the summer”. A window so close, however, seems highly unlikely to us. That a later shutdown is announced by then is plausible, but Google should give players time before shutting down Stadia, especially since FIFA 23 is due to arrive there on September 30, 2022.


According to the informant, “the last month of service will be reimbursed and with the possibility of using the service free of charge”. He also specifies that “all members would be informed 30 to 60 days before”, which somewhat contradicts his remarks on a closure during the summer.

He also mentioned a closure to Google Play Music and no transfer of their services and servers to another platform, which was an option for a while.

No one talks about Stadia anymore, but Google doesn’t want to shut it down

Did you know ? Stadia is not dead. And, moreover, Google does not intend to end its cloud gaming service.

Will Google Stadia die? Does Google Stadia still exist? These questions seem more legitimate than ever, while the cloud gaming service, launched with great fanfare in 2019, very rarely gives any sign of life.

“Stadia is not going to shut down. Rest assured that we will always be adding new games to the platform as well as to the Stadia Pro subscription, ”responded the multinational. As if there was really any reason to think that was the case. Realize: the last Stadia Connect, event broadcast online to make announcements, dates from July 14, 2020.

Google Stadia survives somehow

The fears that Stadia will disappear in the near future are entirely legitimate. And, in reality, they are not new. Last February, Google had already had to reassure about the future of the service, when a reputable media had proclaimed its death. Seeing him repeat this forced communication a few weeks later proves that there is still a problem in the way Google shares information on Stadia. One thing is certain: we are far from the first months, when ambitions were very high. There was a time when the tech giant intended to shake up the established order, forgetting only that it takes legitimacy to compete with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Despite this communication, which we will describe as, at best, absent, it must be recognized that Stadia subscribers have something to play for. In a press release published on July 26, Google announced the arrival of six new games for the Pro formula (at €9.99 per month), bringing the total to around fifty titles (admittedly, we are far from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). And a big expected production like FIFA 23 will be released on Stadia on September 30 – at the same time as the other versions. In short, the service is trying to survive somehow, without really being helped by Google (which has abandoned the idea of ​​offering exclusives).

On arrival, we wonder how far Stadia will go, while some arguments are there to convince. Google has completely failed in its positioning, and it is a ball that it still drags today. Still, Stadia is getting closer to its third birthday. A small feat.

No, Google is not going to abandon Stadia

Almost three years after the release of Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service has had its ups and downs. Lots of bottoms.

Google Stadia, still standing

In 2019, Google promised to revolutionize the way we consume video games and launched Google Stadia. On paper, the cloud gaming service has it all. But in reality, that’s another story. A quality that is not necessarily there, a toy library that is too skinny… Success is not there for Stadia.

But little by little, Google’s cloud gaming has made its mark. Since fall 2019, Stadia has evolved with changes and updates and more games joining its catalog. But in recent weeks, new rumors of the service’s impending shutdown have been swirling around social media.

Of course, the information shared on the web is always to be taken with a grain of salt, but it is not always fun to read, especially if you are a Google Stadia subscriber.

Good news for users, Stadia refuted these rumors on Twitter the next day. “Stadia is not closing. Rest assured that we are always striving to add new quality games to the platform and to Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any further questions.” explains the tweet from the official cloud gaming account. In another tweet, Google Stadia even had fun using the wording of the rumor to announce the release of new games on its platform.

If the end of Google Stadia is not for now, these rumors are further proof that cloud gaming is (still) struggling to attract crowds. Despite the claims of the tech giant. A few months ago, other rumors whispered to us that Google Stadia was slowly disappearing to make way for Google Stream. But for now, everything remains unclear.

Google Stadia denies rumors of its alleged closure

Google Stadia has mutated, it’s no longer the same platform as when it was announced years ago. The North American giant invested in studios and in its own games, but the project took a different turn when the company made the decision to turn off the tap on its own production. Rumors have recently surfaced that Stadia’s days are numbered. However, the company denied on Twitter that it was going to shut down.

“Stadia is not going to shut down. Rest assured that we are working to bring more quality games to the platform and in Stadia Pro. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. This isn’t the first time Google has spoken out against the rumours.

The closure of studies, period

Everything happened suddenly. Stadia has closed its two own studios and announced the departure of Jade Raymond, who until then held the position of vice president. This movement affected more than 150 employees, although the company assured that many of them would be relocated to other positions. Without its own production, Google depends on agreements with third-party companies. It’s worth noting that the platform doesn’t operate like an Xbox Game Pass, but rather like a store that runs games in the cloud.

Google Stadia has a paid subscription (Stadia Pro) with which players can enjoy various benefits, such as the possibility of receiving free games every month. Here are the six for this month of August 2022:

  • Calico
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans 2
  • Murder in numbers
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered
  • Shantae Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition
  • Welcome to Elk

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