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NordVPN MeshNet: create your own VPN network

NordVPN MeshNet: create your own VPN network

The VPN operator NordVPN provides its customers with a new feature that allows them to easily create their own encrypted network to connect computers and smartphones. Today, of course, you can set up your own VPN using WireGuard on a server. However, this requires some technical skills and therefore a server, which is not within everyone’s reach. With the Mesh network, NordVPN greatly simplifies this process since it suffices to install the NordVPN software on a computer (Windows or Linux for the moment, macOS soon) to establish a connection point.

Then, it is necessary to connect different devices (computers, smartphones) to the “router” to access the hosted data or services. The devices connected to each other then belong to a kind of local network with their own IP address. Based on the NordLynx technology developed by NordVPN from WireGuard, MeshNet offers very fast connections and the speeds are interesting according to our first tests.

Not totally new

This private and secure network feature already exists with some competitors. We think in particular of ZeroTier or Tailscale which grant the same types of services to connect different peripherals to each other. Both are paid, but the first offers are free with some limitations.

What is a VPN connection? Here are its uses, pros and cons

More and more people are claiming to use a virtual private network (VPN), and although this service has been around for several years now, its versatility of features has made it very popular lately. From elEconomista.es we are going to explain what it is, what it is for, as well as give you the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of connection.

In a society where you have to be more and more careful with what you do and publish on the Internet, a tool to make your browsing more private and secure seems like something everyone needs.

What is a VPN?

The acronym VPN stands for virtual private network (virtual private network), and consists of technology that enables a secure network connection that gives you the Internet to camouflage your IP address so that it is not collected from where you log in. You may need it for different aspects, which we will explain below.

What can I use it for?

If it is still not clear to you or if you do not understand why using a VPN can be useful to you, we are now going to analyze the different uses that can be given to this service.

The most popular use for the VPN connection, and the one that was its primary use so far, was for telework. With a VPN network, you can iInterconnect multiple networks at the same time, even if they are not physically connectedthis means that, wherever you are, you connect to a company’s network and services as if you were in your own office, reducing the risk of suffering a cyberattack.

However, the rise of this technology in recent years is due to the fact that the VPN connection can also be used to fictional location Where are you connecting from? This could have several advantages, for example, many people use a VPN network to use and connect to platforms and services from other countries.

Take the case of Netflix, in each country the platform offers different content, this means that in Germany you can find a series that is no longer available in Spain, which means that there are people who connect to a VPN to watch this series which is only in Germany, while it is in Malaga.

It can also be used for circumvent blocking or censorship in a countryFor example, when the invasion of Russia began and the sanctions against the country began, 6 of the top 10 downloaded apps were from VPNs, so Russian citizens could download and use Meta and other platforms services, even if they were blocked in the country.


And although the VPN connection can solve everything for you, not all of them are advantages. The first that when you use a server that is not your local server, connection speed suffers and is slowermeaning the further away the server is, the slower your WiFi connection will be.

Another problem is that you can’t always fake your position, because there is more and more technology to detect the location of a connection other than by IP address. Ultimately, This service is mostly paidyes, there are free VPN apps, but their number is much less compared to the paid services that exist.

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