The players of World of Warcraft they often have to face different fights with gods, monsters and dragons, but apparently fans have found a new threat as they await the arrival of the new expansion, Shadowlands. The threat results in the return of the faction Scarlet Crusade, old enemies dating back to the game’s launch.

Well, apparently this faction has returned with a completely new strategy, namely spreading fake news. Players have been fighting the Scarlet Crusade for over a decade; at launch, this faction was military and religious in nature, dedicated to killing all undead within the kingdom. The problem is that these dead had been freed by the Lich King who had made them into a real army. Later the undead managed to become beings with their own morals that they wanted nothing more than to be left alone.

In this way the Scarlet Crusade was committing a real genocide and the task of the players was to stop them. Due to this faction and the general fear of the undead, Lady Sylvanas brought them together in the game, thus becoming a faction of the Horde. The Scarlet Crusade has returned to Wrath of the Lich King, where players have finally defeated them. They’ve apparently lived in the shadows ever since; they don’t have a proper army, but apparently they’ve started spreading fake news and conspiracies. The four booklets can be found scattered throughout the game and are: The Traitor King, The Last of the Menethils, the Aspiring Queen and The Old Cursed Wolf.

If you play World of Warcraft you might be curious enough about the story the faction is sharing in the game world. It is also always an interesting story, even if it is fake news.

Source: Polygon