November 17 is shaping up to be Apple’s last event of the year, focused on the Mac with Apple Silicon

There are no two without three. Because after holding an event in September and another now in October, Apple is planning a keynote for November. It is a possibility that we have been chewing for a long time and that is gaining more and more force. November 17 is the date chosen by Apple for the last event of the year, the one in which we expect the first Mac with Apple Silicon.

November 17 as the date for Apple’s event, according to Prosser

In recent weeks, Prosser has significantly improved his level of precision when it comes to leaking information from Apple. The youtuber released details of the iPhone 12 numerous months before its launch, hitting many of them right. And more recently, the name of the iPhone 12 mini, the date of the iPhone 12 event and the opening of reservations and availability of all its models. Having screwed up at WWDC and the September event, he now appears to have made up for it with greater precision in his leaks.

You should see this confirmed with an announcement on Tuesday, November 10th.

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 16, 2020

Prosser just announced that Apple is planning an event for November 17th. Again, it falls on Tuesday and again, we will receive the invitations a week before, on November 10. Let us remember that the dates of the previous events followed a very similar scheme:

  • Time Flies Event: September 8th invitations; event September 15. Both on Tuesday.
  • Hi, Speed ​​Event: October 6 Invitations; event October 13. Both on Tuesday.
  • Apple Silicon Event: November 10th Invitations; event November 17. Both on Tuesday.

All of them following the same event pattern in the middle of the month, with invitations sent a week before. Always coinciding on a Tuesday. Of course, we must indicate that with Apple the past patterns do not have to be followed in the future. And 2020 is an atypical year, so anything can happen.

An event for Macs with Apple Silicon

During WWDC, Tim Cook made it clear that the first Macs with Apple Silicon would arrive at the end of 2020. Well, this is October and we haven’t had any sign of these teams yetOnly the Mac mini with the A12Z, known as the Developer Transition Kit. Given the importance of this new migration to its own chips, we must completely rule out that such an announcement occurs through a press release or third parties, such as journalists or youtubers.

The arrival of the Apple Silicon to the Mac is quite an event. A milestone for Apple that it is very delicate and risky. And it has to come out perfectly. You cannot leave the message at random or leave room for doubt.

Therefore, an event exclusively dedicated to the new generation of Mac is necessary. Control the message of what will define the next decades of the Mac is essential to the company. Solve all doubts and concerns from both users and developers.

The first Mac model with Apple Silicon it will be the culmination of a tremendously busy year to the company. Prosser also believes that the AirPods Studio have been delayed to next year. Maybe because of the production problems already mentioned or to avoid stealing the limelight from this new team.