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Now that a month has passed, let’s talk about the aftermath of the Final Fantasy VII remake ending.

Now that a month has passed, let’s talk about the aftermath of the Final Fantasy VII remake ending.

Be the remake his of the best games of 1997 bears a huge responsibility. Over two decades of waiting for a big Final Fantasy VII update hasn’t been an easy task and Square Enix has had to make several controversial decisions along the way, in part to adapt to what’s going on. today.

The most obvious is to divide its story into different parts (yet to be determined), ranging from the three PlayStation discs to several larger games to deepen its plot, with this first remake of Final Fantasy VII focusing only on Midgar. But, Why was there such commotion with his ending?

It falls out of the drawer, but Spoilers then…

The Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Remake is not the enemy that fascinated me over 20 years ago

Rewrite a legendary 1997 story

I have to admit that runrún, in turn favored by the so complicated situation we are living / suffering, made me put my principles aside and ended up buying this week remake to dispel these doubts. And also because it was an almost impossible task to do until everything was on PS5 or Xbox Series X without being ripped from the new story. Because yes, important things have been rewritten. It’s more of a restart.

Since I completed it 100% in 1997, going over the game hour meter limit on PlayStation, I hadn’t replayed it, despite being one of my favorites on that console. .. behind the IX or other sagas like Suikoden, this is also true. But the boom This alleged work by Squaresoft is not taken away by anyone and marked a before and after in the JRPG of 32-bit consoles.

Logically, he had forgotten several details of his story for so long without playing it, but I filled those gaps by going through the 18 chapters of this Remake de Final Fantasy VII. He was quite skeptical about it, but saving moments of pure filling or with a mechanic that didn’t curdle well, Tetsuya Nomura, Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomo Toriyama managed to develop successfully. a four-hour stretch in 40 hours.

This allowed us to get to know the much-loved supporting characters better, such as Jessie, Biggs ou Wedge, among many, when I was surprised by subtle changes and others much more palpable, like this greater presence of Sefirot from the start, tormenting the poor man of Cloud Strife.

If we go to the last section, shortly before chapter 18, we have the first duel against Jénova Alfa (when he should be in Juno heading for the Costa del Sol) right after seeing how Sefirot not only killed the Shinra president (like in the 1997 classic), but also Barret Wallace himself.

This scene also occurred with the presence of the group watching the two deaths, reinforcing this increased role of the villain par excellence of Final Fantasy VII, as well as one of the most charismatic for his halo of mystery.

Fortunately, after defeating Jenova Alfa in the middle of Shinra’s president’s office, Barret would eventually get his life back by dispelling the Echo in him because « he wasn’t meant to die there, » as Red XIII said. A message that warned us before the big changes that would take place soon after …

Chapter 18, the one that sparked controversy in this remake

Beyond the boredom it was to see How Share Button Screenshots Get Locked in Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 18As in other JRPGs like Persona 5, this latest episode recreated the scene from the vehicle’s escape until Cloud Strife’s motorcycle clash against MOTOR.

After that, we happily promised each other, because in theory that would give birth to the group, ultimately leaving Midgar. But no. Feathers falling from the sky would again show us to Sefirot, who would be immediately surrounded by the Echoes that had completely surrounded the Shinra building, making a clear message:

« Bellows of fate »

Right after, the surprise: a cutscene with the SOLDIER first class Zack Fair, in the midst of a battle at the fortresses of Midgar. A vision for the future? Because you have to remember that Zack died in battle.

It was a flash, anyway, since the action would return to the group with Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII and Aeris, the latter being the one who « sensed » the presence of her former boyfriend and the « culprit »  » that she is wearing a pink dress with a bow. Or the SOLDIER who left his sword to young Cloud.

Second act, Sefirot opened a portal and challenged Cloud to walk through it. Everyone wondered what would be on the other side, until Aeris simply said « endless terrifying freedom », perhaps knowing (like the Old One) that a « new world »  » opened behind this alien portal that we (as gamers) knew.

Barret appealed to his character with force « this is not the first time that I face fate », to let us understand that everything would change.

And so it was, we faced fate in the form of a huge, gigantic Presage. Or in other words, an amalgamation of Echoes, the guardians of fate who manifest themselves before those who rebel against their fate. Based on his analysis, if there were any doubts, we were told this: “Its essence derives from the life current of the planet (Gaia), which connects it to the origin and the end of all things, for all eternity. « Anyway, the duel was 200% transcendent.

Its interpretation, once overcome, can be taken in a number of ways, but I will certainly choose symbolizes that everything we knew about the classic 1997 changes completely of this scene. In fact, after defeating the Omen, Aeris is totally confused and we see right after part of the end of hers. Final Fantasy VII original, until the extremely premature but expected duel against Sefirot, controlling Cloud initially.

An epic fight that ended with two key messages after “defeating him”. We were in « The horizon of creation » and there was « seven seconds to the end ». And with almost no time to react, a cutscene showed us Rufus succeeding his father, killed by Sefirot, to take over Shinra.

Now that a month has passed, let’s talk about the aftermath of Ori’s end and the Will of the Wicks, Ori’s Pursuit and the Blind Forest.

What will happen with Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The turning point and the real culprit of the controversy came immediately after, with Zack Fair having survived to attack by Shinra soldiers. Besides, he appeared carrying Cloud… But what disarmed everyone’s jaw (for better or for worse) was seeing how he ran into Cloud, Aeris and the others in the another reality they had just changed by beating Omen.

This means that in one reality Zack is not dead, while in the other (from 1997) yes… this is precisely where, paradoxically, those who have faced their fate are found. A mess of three pairs of noses for which I personally am very grateful, as I love the concept of restart on what remake.

At the end of the day, I want you to surprise me with an old product coming back to the ring, just like what happened with the new Tomb Raider trilogy. And if that shakes up whatever comes later, as it did in Far Cry 5’s risky ending, better than better. But the wait will be unbearable until you know how it ends