NVIDIA reveals new RTX 30 cards and AMD reveals bikes?

AMD launches bikes (!?!?)

With fierce competition on GPUs, thanks to the RTX Series 30 series, the OMG is getting ready, entering its usual cycle of hardware releases to enter the bicycle market. You read that right, bikes and not GPUs.

Available at the AMD store in the United States, there are two models to choose from: the Custom Cruiser and the Custom Mountain Bike.

Both have an 18.5 ”frame and 26” aluminum wheels, but there are noticeable differences between them. Designed for the casual cyclist, the Cruiser is much simpler, without gears. AMD’s Mountain Bike goes in the opposite direction, with 21-speed Shimano gears in a dual suspension frame and linear brakes. And yet, they both cost exactly the same amount of $ 299.

It is not yet certain whether these bikes will be launched internationally.