Nvidia shows off enchanting new ray tracing worlds in Minecraft

While Nvidia first demonstrated hardware-accelerated ray tracing with modern games such as Battlefield 5 and Metro Exodus, which use RT lights or shadows alongside traditional raster graphics, versions of tracing games full rays have also been developed and produce amazing effects. From the first demos of the way to go in Minecraft with Sonic Ether’s RT shader mod to the release of Quake 2 RTX, we’ve seen a number of old-school games being reborn using modern techniques – from a way that looks perfect seems appropriate to demonstrate the unique capabilities of RT technology. Today we take a fresh look at the long-awaited raytracing showcase: Minecraft with RTX.

It’s important to note that this is the official Microsoft version of Minecraft with ray tracing, an almost complete overhaul of the game, not the mod shader that came before it. We’re giving gamescom 2019 a helping hand and since then we’ve also had an exclusive preview of the Minecraftt DXR tech demo on the Xbox Series X. While the game doesn’t have a release date yet, some creators of Minecraft have had access to development builds before – and today we see the fruits of their labor for the first time.

First up, here are screenshots of three worlds, along with descriptions of Nvidia. You can click on the image to see the screenshot in full size and in all its glory.

Razzleberries’ “Of Temples and Totems RTX”: A world of adventure where players focus on exploring and mastering challenges in mysterious temples. Each of the temple images shows pixel-level brightness (emissivity) in combination with real-time shading in combination with global lighting (global lighting) to provide players with an extraordinary experience.

“Imagination Island RTX” by BlockWorks – A fully explorable amusement park with lots of Easter eggs. This map is home to four different countries, each dedicated to a specific aspect of real-time ray tracing. In the photos, you can see the park’s visitor center, which is illuminated by the so-called “God-Rays,” which shine through the ground windows in real time.

GeminiTay’s « Crystal Palace RTX »: a map with bizarre fantasy themes, on which you can see a masterfully built castle. Radiant shadows and beautiful atmospheres create realism in this 1: 1 scale world.

Seeing these screenshots is impressive in itself, but when you see the before and after images, they show a huge difference in how each scene is lit and colored. Click the zoom below to see an interactive comparison with RTX on and off.

Nvidia is also releasing a series of online tutorials that help Minecraft veterans learn new RT features and convert existing Java-based Minecraft worlds into modern Windows 10 Edition Bedrock worlds that form the basis of Minecraft shape with RTX.

  • Instructions for creating PBR textures
  • Best Practices for Converting Java Worlds to RTX Worlds

There are also some interesting (but fairly technical) conversations from the engineers at Nvidia about how Minecraft was developed with RTX:

  • Creating physical textures in Minecraft with RTX (YouTube)
  • Creating a Real-Time Path Plotter for Minecraft RTX (YouTube)

We can’t wait to take a closer look at Minecraft with RTX as we slowly get closer to release – there’s no set date yet, but Nvidia’s blog is titled “Coming Soon! « . So that must be a good sign. In the meantime, check out our review of Minecraft, which tracks full path on the Xbox Series X.

Learn more about Minecraft here.

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