Oculus Quest and Rift S are one year old and the company celebrates with important news

Oculus celebrates the anniversary of its viewers, Quest is Rift S. In addition to thanking the community that has developed around the two devices by launching sales on content for Quest and Rift S that will be available from May 21, the company through a press release, presents some numbers on the growth of the VR ecosystem and announces numerous news .

Last year, the company released hand tracking on Quest, an experimental feature that allows users to use their hands to interact in controller-less VR. Additionally, an SDK preview was launched so developers could start experimenting with this new input mode. Since then, the team has continued to improve hand tracking on the Quest, while adding more features and functionality. With the next Quest software update coming this week, hand tracking will move from “experimental features” to general release, and third-party hand tracking titles will be included in the Oculus Store on May 28th. Here’s what they are.

  • Elixir: Explore an unstable alchemy lab to get powerful new hands, cast spells, mix potions and annoy a sickened dragon. All of this will have an unexpected effect on your fingers, and it will be your fault …
  • The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets: Help your grandfather solve the mystery of the stolen animals by exploring beautiful miniature worlds made from scratch for VR. Each world is unique, full of interactions and life.
  • Waltz of the Wizard: an experience that makes you understand what it means to have magical powers! Mix arcane ingredients in a cauldron to unleash creative or destructive magic on a fully interactive world designed to be incredibly realistic.
  • Two award-winning immersive experiences are about to be launched within the Cinematic Narratives Set, both with hand tracking on Quest. With the voice of Colin Farrell, Gloomy Eyes tells the story of a zombie boy and a mortal girl who fall in love, creating a deep bond that not even the most powerful man in town can destroy. The Line portrays a world of miniatures where routine is fundamental and everything is always the same, until it is no longer the same. From May 28, you can get your hands on these interactive films

After experimenting with hand tracking, on the Oculus Store you will find more content to take a break or to do some home gym. On May 25th Beat Saber, the fan favorite VR music game, launches 20 new beatmaps -10 with 360 ° support and 10 with one-saber support. Last week there was also the launch of Tetris Effect – a VR reimagining of the beloved puzzle game. In addition to this starting this week, the ability for users to post within Facebook groups with their Oculus username will be tested. This will allow you to connect with other Oculus users on Facebook to exchange stories and share successes in VR.

As more people work remotely, VR can transform the way you collaborate to help teams be more productive from home. Fully immersive environments can improve focus, while the realistic interaction of avatars in virtual meeting spaces allows you to feel more connected with colleagues. That’s why the company will be introducing more collaboration and productivity apps on Quest within the Oculus Store later this year, including Immersed and Spatial.

  • Immersed helps optimize focus and productivity, whether alone or as a team, allowing you to immerse yourself in a distraction-free VR workspace. Immersed can be wirelessly connected to the Oculus Go, Quest and computer for up to five additional virtual screens, which can be shared multi-screen with colleagues. Colleagues can teleport to the same space to collaborate and even use the same whiteboard. Various updates include the ability to connect computers to viewers simultaneously, customize workspace, presentation mode, team / user access management, workflow integration, and more. Immersed will be available in the Oculus Store on Quest this summer.
  • Spatial is an AR / VR collaboration platform that allows people to work remotely as if they were in the same room, without the need for videoconferencing or business travel. “We have seen a huge increase in demand from professionals and companies of all sizes who have to rethink business models as they navigate new and unknown territory,” says Anand Agarawala, CEO and co-founder of Spatial. “Connection has never been more necessary, both in practice and in productivity, but it also helps us to feel closer to our colleagues, our collaborators and our friends.” With Spatial, we can feel like we’re back in the same room working side by side, instantly changing the dynamic of each meeting. ”Spatial will arrive in the Oculus Store in the coming months.

Last but not least, Oculus would like to thank the entire community. On May 21, on the occasion of the anniversary, the “A Year of Quest” sales will begin, to celebrate a full year of VR gaming and entertainment. Keep an eye on the Oculus Store for all the news.