Oculus Rift will require a Facebook account

The Oculus Rift is about to change.


  • from October 2020, new owners of Oculus goggles will have to log in to the system using their Facebook account;
  • existing users will have the option to merge their accounts;
  • The Oculus login system will be disabled on January 1, 2023. Players who do not create a Facebook account will be able to play purchased titles, but may lose access to some of them. They will also not be able to use certain network and social functions;
  • Oculus will use the Facebook community standards, and user data will be used by the company, including for advertising profiling.
  • Players that own or plan to purchase one version of the Oculus headset should know that the company intends to introduce significant changes to the platform functioning model. Starting in October 2020, new users will not be able to create an Oculus account – instead, we will log in to the service using a Facebook account.

    Existing players will be given the option to merge their accounts (there will be an option to use different usernames and profiles on FB and VR). Its use will be voluntary, but only for a little over two years – after January 1, 2023, we will lose the ability to log in using the existing system.

    Oculus goggle users will use their equipment without an account on the aforementioned social platform. The company will try to offer them access to already purchased games. However, you will have to accept the loss of access to some functions. Additionally, some titles may not work without logging in.

    The changes are aimed at simplifying the login system and integrating it with other Facebook services (Oculus belongs to the Mark Zuckerberg concern). By using an account on a social platform, we also have access to a number of additional possibilities and functions. There will be more of them in the future (for example, we are talking about the currently tested Facebook Horizon).

    Oculus is owned by Facebook, it is one of the company’s apps and technologies. Using a Facebook account is one way to sign in to Oculus devices, and it makes it easy to find, connect, and play with your friends in VR. It also allows you to take advantage of social networking experiences powered by Facebook, such as broadcasting your gameplay live on Facebook’s timeline, connecting to pages, connecting to events and discovering new experiences like Facebook Horizon, we read.

    Oculus Rift has introduced several virtual reality devices for sale – incl. Oculus Quest goggles.

    Users who plan to log into Oculus goggles using a Facebook account should know that the company will use their data to profile ads (related to, inter alia, the way we use virtual reality). Additionally, the Oculus platform will start using the Facebook community behavior standards, in conjunction with a special VR regulation.

    The idea raises many questions and controversies. For example, will a ban on Facebook (e.g. for controversial / illegal statements) block the player from accessing the purchased games? And the other way around – will we be able to lose access to a well-known social platform for our behavior in the virtual world? We can only wait for additional information.

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