Old Fantasy Final Fantasy: the 2D era of Final Fantasy from the worst to the best

Most players first met Final Fantasy when it was already 3D and ran on newer consoles, but the story started long before that, in the late 1980s. We brought together some scholars and academics to help us put together a good to good list. best of Final Fantasy. Remembering that this list was divided into two parts, and this will only count the 2D era of the franchise.

As we want a comparison, we go to the criteria:

  • we will only consider the main lineage of the series and the first to the sixth game released;
  • the notes were taken from GameRankings, which, even when closed, has some notes present on the English Wikipedia pages;
  • the notes are from the platforms for which the game was released, with the exception of Final Fantasy 2 and 3, where others were used, so as not to compromise the parameter.

Final Fantasy 5 – GameRankings: 66% (SNES)

Let’s start with Final Fantasy 5, released in 1992 for the Super Famicom, which we know here as Super Nintendo or SNES. He was the second in the series to use the ATB system, but in an evolved way, being able to see in advance what the character of the next turn would be. The combat was highly praised, and this contrasted with the weak history.

The game system also received applause, as did the class system, which was expanded, but its graphics were described as dated, with cardboard characters and a washed color palette. Most of the notes were mixed, with some very positive and some negative, so the game ended up with 66.

Final Fantasy 3 – GameRankings: 78% (DS)

Final Fantasy 3 was the first of the franchise in the 1990s and is described as “an RPG dedicated to enthusiasts”. Its class system was improved compared to the first title in the series, even though it was still very limited. It was said that he would appeal to hardcore RPG fans more than the previous two and that he would be somewhat challenging.

Even though your plot is simple and the party characters are generic, the scenarios are top of the line. As mentioned, we did not find the game notes for SNES in the aggregators because it did not reach the West at the time (Final Fantasy III was actually the VI here), so let’s consider the Nintendo DS, from 1978.

Final Fantasy 1 – GameRankings: 79% (NES)

Here we have the game that started it all. In 1987, the Japanese company Square launched the title that started a whole revolution in the gaming world: Final Fantasy 1. Even though it was not what introduced players to the RPG genre, it was undoubtedly what popularized it. He has a deeper story than Dragon Quest, but some critics said he was like many others who emulated his formula.

There were people who complained that it was necessary to spend a lot of time looking for random battles to increase the experience, rather than exploring the scenarios and solving puzzles. The beginning was not the best possible, but it was not bad. Your grade is 79.

Final Fantasy 2 – GameRankings: 81% (PS1)

Final Fantasy II managed to be better than the previous one, reaching note 81 – this taking into account the PS1 version due to the same problem we had with Final Fantasy III (in the West, Final Fantasy II was actually Final Fantasy IV). The game was released in 1988, but its relaunch for Sony’s first console in 2003 ended up becoming more popular.

The story is far superior to that of the 1, involving romance and character death, but the plot looked a lot like Star Wars 4, according to critics. With the relaunch, some features were added, such as being able to save anywhere without needing a cabin or tent. That re-end ended up doing the title really well.

Final Fantasy 4 – GameRankings: 87% (SNES)

Final Fantasy 4 was so impressive that Nintendo Power proclaimed that it was the new standard of excellence for an RPG. As can be predicted, it was a huge success, and most vehicles rated it with top marks or almost so. Compliments went on in droves, highlighting the beautiful graphics, the incredible soundtrack and the history unmatched in the world of video games, in addition to being used as a parameter for what the Super Nintendo was capable of running.

It was the first game to introduce the ATB system, which was continued by its successor and later on in the modernization of the series. Some punctual criticisms focused on the somewhat stylized combat system and the inferior graphics to those of Zelda, launched at the same time. There was also a guy who rated it 7, only he was known for not liking RPGs. Whatever, whatever, the game got a score of 87.

Final Fantasy 6 – GameRankings: 94% (SNES)

We know that many of you predicted that Final Fantasy 6 would be first on the list before you even started reading. There’s no way, it’s really the best game in the franchise, both from the 3D and 2D era (according to our criteria, of course). Incredible graphics, impeccable sound, unparalleled fun factor. All of this, together with an extremely engaging story, made him be called “the greatest RPG of the decade”.

Some people went so far as to say that the story would not please the American audience so much and that the plot was not so original, but do you think it would diminish the quality of this game so innovative, challenging and exciting? Note 94 and the crown for him.

Which of these games did you play? Do you want to go back to the origins to enjoy these masterpieces from the ancient world?