A colossal action installment based on the worldwide anime phenomenon

KOEI TECMO Europe has officially launched AOT 2: Final Battle, the latest installment in its colossal saga of action games, based on the worldwide anime phenomenon “Attack on Titan”. Players are invited to equip themselves with their Omnidirectional Maneuver Team and fight the devastating Titans on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, on the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, and in Windows PC format via the Steam platform.

AOT 2: Final Battle offers new and exciting game modes for players, allowing them to experience the captivating narrative of the story of the third season of the anime and develop their own regiment to reclaim lands from the Titans. In Character Episode Mode, users will follow the Season 3 storyline across the three different timelines: the Scout Regiment, the 104th Troop Cadets, and the Warriors, witnessing the central plot through the eyes of key characters. . In Reclaim Territory Mode, aspiring commanders can create their own dream team, using any of the more than 40 playable characters from the roster to venture outside the walls and fight to reclaim the land back for humanity. .

Explorers will receive a wealth of equipment to take on Titans of all shapes and sizes. The tried and tested Slashing Gear uses swords to deal great damage to body parts. Those who prefer long-range attacks can instead equip themselves with the deadly Shooting Gear; with two pistols that deal fast fire damage. The Thunder Spear and Gatling Gun are also available for those who need to deal with large amounts of spectacular destruction.

Those who join the fray in AOT 2: Final Battle can still get a wide variety of bonuses for early purchase. Those who purchase the game within the first month of its release will receive the “Queen of Historia” outfits for Christa, “Young Male Coat” for Kenny, “Plain Clothes (Underground City)” for Levi and “One-piece Dress” for Mikasa. . Simply visit the digital store of the corresponding platform and redeem the free suits in your account before the end of July 2019.

AOT 2: Final Battle is available as an upgrade pack for fans who already own AOT 2 (allowing them to start the battle in Season 3), or as a standalone game for those starting from scratch, offering all the action of Season 1 at 3 in a full batch.

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