One more thing… Mac fans, package tracking, and making the HomePod mini portable

This week we have continued talking about Macs with Apple silicon. There has also been time for rumors, such as Apple’s own modem in the next iPad Pro or the redesign of the MacBook Pro, while in the tutorials we have told you how to start a Mac with M1 in recovery mode or how to see which apps are optimized for Apple silicon. And, as always, we have much more to talk about, there is one more thing.

  • We start in SamaGame, where they tell us about the best options when it comes to tracking parcel shipments. Ideal to keep track of all our Black Friday purchases.
  • In Today at Apple they explain to us how we can detect which apps are causing the fans of our Mac to shoot up and what we can do about it.
  • From SamaGame they tell us why so much fuss has been made with Microsoft’s tool to measure employee efficiency.
  • Also in Engadget they echo the new Panasonic invention: a transparent TV that allows us to see behind it in some circumstances.
  • In the field of processors, the specifications of the new AMD Ryzen 7 5800U have been leaked, although for now it seems that the M1 can be calm.
  • And we end with a video from Appleinsider that recommends us some batteries if we want to turn our HomePod mini into a portable speaker.