Perhaps a former scientist from HYDRA will also make the lives of the two title characters bitter in the Disney + series.

Marvel fans are looking forward to exciting years, with a number of series debuting on the Disney + platform that will expand the film universe in one way or another, and of course familiar faces will return. Among them is perhaps a character we last met about five years ago.

Relatively reliable Charles Murphy, who deals with marvelous rumors and all sorts of information, provided some fresh curiosities about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. He claims it is conceivable that Arnim Zola, played by Toby Jones, will also get some role in the new adventure.

Zola was last seen in Captain America 2014: The Soldier of Winter, when the character’s consciousness was already hosted by a computer, but still managed to break some pepper under the heroes ’noses. Although the machine was destroyed in the film, it could easily be that the former HYDRA scientist didn’t save himself in just one machine, so there’s nothing stopping him from returning to the series.

If perhaps not Zola, but a former evildoer, quite precisely the Captain of America: Baron Zemó, who met him in the Civil War, will certainly return. Will you watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

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