One of the stars of Star Wars was the same as Netflix

The actor will produce special films for the streaming service provider.

Although John Boyega first appeared in Attack the Block and the Become Human series, it was not these that brought him world fame, but the Star Wars films in which a former assault squad became one of the main figures of resistance. Although Star Wars is over for him, he is not expected to be left without a job: his two films (Rebel Ridge in preparation and post-production Naked Singularity) are currently in the oven, and the latest news is that he has also made a big move towards streaming.

According to Variety, Boyega has agreed with Netflix through a production company called UpperRoom Productions that it will produce non-English-language films focusing on West and East Africa. This is another sign that the streaming giant wants to increase its self-produced African content, as a few weeks ago boss Ted Sarandos and some other leaders came to Lakos to present the details of their first Nigerian series and then traveled to Johannesburg to present their very first African series, the six-episode Queen Sono, which was launched worldwide on February 28 (also available with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles).

This year, by the way, Netflix’s production will be expanded with two other self-produced African content: one will be a teen drama titled Blood & Water, and the other will be an animated series, Mama K’s Team 4. Have you seen Queen Sono before?