Bandai namco is sweet. A few days ago it went on sale Dragon ball fighterz which is being a success for most of the players. Now his sights are set on the creation of Eiichiro Oda, the new One Piece game titled One Piece: World Seeker. It will arrive throughout this year and there are very good expectations from what we have seen so far.

New trailer in 4K

In this new fragment he brings us different phases of gameplay where we can see some of the movements you can perform Luffy and his companions within the open world that the game proposes. After a short introduction, we see Luffy traversing mountains, villages, orchards, and fighting enemies. Some of the skills that will allow us to advance and discover a new world can be appreciated.

We can stretch our arms and legs to reach any type of surface, climb and hang from trees, towers, boats and buildings. It will also be possible to take advantage of our elasticity to gain momentum.

The combat system is true to the manganime style: you can fight long distances with powerful punches or dodge enemies. More damaging techniques can be used by charging the blows with more energy.

What do you think of the new video for One Piece: World Seeker? What do you expect from the game? Let us know!

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