During Winter Level Up, Bandai Namco announced a new game for the One Piece series, very successful in Japan, although with many fans around the world, especially those who know the anime and books manda that describe the adventures of Luffy and company. But while in the previous chapters of the series the gameplay excelled at fighting around multiple enemies, this time we have action and adventure in an open world, more precisely on an island.

Following Luffy’s journey, the player will face new territory to explore as he sees fit, without constraints or limitations. Present at the event, producer Koji Nakajima, revealed some details about this foray that clearly integrates open world experiences in the One Piece universe. The most relevant note, in this first stage of presentation, with no demonstration available, is the adaptation of the One Piece universe to the new game system, continuing the iconic strokes of the characters.

Nakajima speaks of a more dramatic story and a combination of exploration and action. In some segments we see Luffy climb the ground as if he were endowed with special powers or was a super hero. In combat the approach can be a little more strategic, as if they were in a spy game. To get to know a little more about this new game in the series, we spent some time talking with Nakajima about One Piece World Seeker.

Producer Koji Nakajima has worked in the past for the One Piece series.

SamaGame PT: We would like to know a little about you.

Koji Nakajima: Nice to meet you, hello to readers. My name is Koji Nakajima, I’m from Bandai Namco and I’m the producer of One Piece World Seeker.

EG PT: During the presentation I could see that this game follows a different direction from the previous ones. Was that your intention, to create a game different from the combat system of the previous games?

KN: Yes, it was actually a very conscious decision. In recent years I have developed many games with other components. In several One Piece games we have followed different systems and mechanics, even with regard to the story, but this time we wanted to produce a new concept of adventure.

EG PT: Did you choose an island as the territory for the new adventure?

KN: The story takes place on this island, in which the levels are integrated. Players will be able to play as Luffy and in their perspective will be played.

The pirates arrived on the island.

EG PT: Does this mean that we will not be able to play with other characters?

KN: This particular game revolves around the character Luffy. Players will only be able to play with Luffy. The reason for this is that we want players to experience Luffy’s physical skills. There will be other characters involved, but only from the point of view of the relationships that Luffy establishes with them.

EG PT: During the presentation I could see some combat mechanics. Can you give us some more details about Luffy’s skills?

KN: Unfortunately we cannot go into much detail about this, but what we can say is that users will be able to try Luffy’s special techniques, such as Gum-Gum Fruit and other metamorphosis techniques. Using this he can stretch his arms to reach the trees and use them as propellants for long jumps, just as he can use his legs to achieve similar effects. Through this route, players can explore the island in a more comfortable way, making it a refreshing experience.

EG PT: When exploring the island we also find treasures, which is usual in One Piece.

KN: We can’t go into too much detail about this either, but as you mentioned in One Piece you can’t ignore the presence of the treasures, so the treasure hunt will be present, something that will be interesting for users.

Gran Cruise is the One Piece segment developed exclusively for Sony’s virtual reality system.

EG PT: In terms of narrative and concept, what new elements did you want to introduce?

KN: The production team this time tried to create a story with a dramatic component. Exploring the world through Luffy’s eyes is what we try to emphasize and discover fun and funny things at the same time. That is our determination.

EG PT: About the experience for the PS VR system, in terms of gameplay, how does it differ?

KN: The One Piece Grand Cruise experience on PS VR takes place in the first person. Players will be able to communicate with Luffy and other characters as part of this group of pirates.

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