He also had to reach into the code, but managed to get around the city.

Now the demo of the mowed Silent Hills released in August 2014, PT A, is constantly going big again, so modders are constantly poking it, so it turned out that we were controlling Norman Reedus, as well as Lisa being stuck on his back all the way. We’re basically going down the same hallway all the way through, but the files also included a part of the town of Silent Hill – that’s what Lance McDonald was now taking advantage of.

At the end of the PT, Norman Reedus exits Silent Hill. The whole scene taking place here was recorded with the engine of the game, so the city itself had to be modeled as well. McDonald resolved that when he opened the front door, it wasn’t the hallway that filled the game, but the streets, so after he set the character to float above the ground and not fall over the ground, he could look around. The whole thing is obviously very semi-finished, but still interesting.

Konami is unlikely to revive the franchise in the near future, but seeing that Contra: Rogue Corps, for example, has succeeded, it’s better that way.

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