One Punch Man – A Hero Nobody Knows – try

An always pleasant experience to live is having high expectations and not being disappointed in any case. And if such a positive feeling comes from the simple test of a game, the promises are of the highest level. With A Hero Nobody Knows Spike Chunsoft wanted to play a very risky bet, but the results are excellent.

Before talking about the actual game, it is necessary to spend a couple of words on why it is considered a risky bet: launching himself again in the world of anime, especially with an open field brawler, Spike Chunsoft must be forgiven for the false step committed with Jump Force and create a title that doesn’t look like a simple copy, plus fewer characters. To all this is added the choice of One Punch Man as a base, a title based on an anti-hero, which as a narrative is very distant from what the general public is used to. Everything is based on the very marked lack of balance between the internal characters, a really curious aspect to associate with a fighting game.

As much as narrative and gameplay may seem two distinct and separate aspects, the solution adopted seems to solve everything in a single move (probably a punch, considering the reference title).

The game immediately sings us to the ground floor of the Association of Heroes. We have the possibility to create our own character, but in the testing phase the only specification that can be customized is sex, with very basic graphic styles to which One has long accustomed us as a designer. The graphics are nice. The style of the drawings has very marked lines in perfect manga style and the Unreal Engine makes the movements both inside and outside the fights very fluid.

We will start our journey as a Class C Hero and it will be our task to climb the rankings until we reach the much desired Class S. The character we create will have customizable movesets and his fighting skills will grow as you continue to participate personally in duels.

The combat system is that of an open field brawler, 3 against 3. Victory comes by knocking out all three members of the opposing team.

The combat system sees alternating basic combos, holds and special moves, which can be used with charges that accumulate over time. We will be joined by all the heroes and most evil characters of the original series, including Saitama. And this is where the fundamental question arises: how is this possible? How can a character conceived to be senselessly OP fit into a fighting game?

Simple. You make him arrive late.

Once Saitama takes the field, the fate of his opponents is sealed.

In the manga Saitama is a hobby hero. He only shows up in the center of the action when he has some free time between a game against King and a trip to the mall. Similarly Saitama is presented within the game. The only way to be able to select him is as the third fighter of our team and in that case the match will be played without being able to use Saitama himself for the first three minutes. In its place will be a screen with the remaining time before his arrival, which will be reduced with every combo and perfect block that the other two characters go to make. Once there, the effects are predictable, a single punch is enough to take down any opponent.

This is a very interesting aspect from a strategic point of view: playing with Saitama means choosing to bet on your ability to play 2 against 3 long enough to be able to unleash your ultimate weapon. Playing without Saitama instead seeks to capitalize on aggression before it is too late. In case both teams decide to opt for Saitama, then the mechanics of the reduction of the arrival time means that the best of the two players will have access to the final hero much earlier, thus rewarding an appropriate style of play.

But if the OP is not for you, fear not. It is possible to queue for two types of online matches, one with Saitama enabled and one with Saitama disabled. The multiplayer, despite the simple trial period, is pleasantly smooth. No noteworthy incidents regarding lag or unexpected disconnections.

In short, on balance A Hero Nobody Know is a convincing title. Being a game focused on One Punch Man, the target audience will be mainly that of fans of the series. However, it remains a very particular work, the less fanatic of the genre could hardly find the extraordinary elements that this game offers, but it is one of the risks that you go to run when you decide to delve into something decidedly outside. from the municipality. More than satisfactory proof that leaves us anxiously awaiting the actual title.