One UI 3.1 comes with Google Messages and Discover by default

With the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S21, an important software innovation has arrived: One UI 3.1. The new version of Samsung’s customization layer has improvements both at the UI level and at the functional level, including the system’s own default applications.

One of the changes at the application level comes from the hand of Google Messages, which will become one of the native messages apps. Similarly, Samsung’s side panel, UpDay, will finally be replaced by Google Discover.

One UI 3.1, with more Google presence

One UI 3.1 is the new version of Samsung’s customization layer. With it comes a greater cleanliness in the elements of the interface, as well as new functions. However, two of the most striking novelties of the ROM they have to do with Google apps.

Historically, Samsung has provided its Galaxy with an information panel on the left desktop. This panel, UpDay, will be replaced by Google Discover, the left panel that many Android phones carry. Thus, we will be able to consult the Google news in a simple way, just by sliding the desktop.

Similarly, the Google Messages application will be one of Samsung’s native apps. It is important since, together with Samsung Messages, this application supports RCS, a relevant point for the future of this type of communication. However, the native Samsung app will still be present, so it may be convenient to disable some of them if we do not want to have duplicate apps.

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