In 2021, the Chinese brand OnePlus in turn embarked on the race for connected watches. These small devices, which have become essential for many, are now among the main segments of many manufacturers. But in the meantime, it would seem that the successor to the OnePlus Watch showed up a little too soon…

When it was released, the OnePlus Watch was unfortunately not unanimous. However, the Chinese’s first smartwatch had been able, in our columns, to stand out in many aspects with an attractive price, fine finishes or even an autonomy that largely held up. But for now, it’s now the turn of the OnePlus Nord Watch to start talking about it before its time.

The OnePlus Nord Watch reveals itself more

Like any self-respecting connected watch, the latter will display your calorie expenditure, your number of steps and will also allow you to record your exercises for the day. The OnePlus Nord Watch should also integrate an SpO2 sensor, a heart rate monitoring system and sleep monitoring.

The first screenshots shared by Mukul Sharma allow us to discover in advance the new design of this smartwatch. First observation: the watch abandons its rounded shape to embrace a rectangular shape. Add to this the presence of a physical button on the right side and we get a design that is reminiscent of that of the Apple Watch. In addition, it will be possible to customize the dial of the OnePlus Nord Watch by adding photos or by opting for the personalized dials offered by the watch.

If, for the time being, we do not yet know its release date, and it has still not been officially unveiled, it seems that it is soon about to land in India. This new model should be marketed at a price of around 123 euros, then lower than that of the OnePlus Watch released last year.

OnePlus Nord Watch: what to expect from this watch?

The Nord range intends to take off and will soon have a connected watch in its ranks. Here’s what to expect from the OnePlus Nord Watch, a watch that has a lot to prove.

OnePlus’ first smartwatch, the aptly named OnePlus Watch, received mixed reception. Praised for the quality of its smartphones, the Chinese brand is venturing into a new segment and paying for several youthful mistakes. There is however hope for the brand which offers an interesting base on which OnePlus intends to rely for its second test. The Nord range, which could soon fly on its own, will benefit from this first experience when launch the OnePlus Nord Watch.

The leaked design… and is reminiscent of that of the Apple Watch

The images show us a OnePlus Watch Nord at the rectangular format, with rounded corners. Far from the round style of the OnePlus Watch, it would rather be closer to the Oppo Watch or the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. It’s even hard not to see some similarities with the Apple Watch, the real star of this segment. If we guess its rectangular case, no information has filtered on the size or the definition of the screen of the watch.

A screenshot, however, suggests that it will be possible to display different dials (at least six), in order to personalize the watch. We also note the possibility of using your own photos.

What features for the OnePlus Watch Nord?

Quite logically, the watch would have a slew of sensors to offer monitoring of heart rate, sleep or measurement of blood oxygen levels (SpO2). Features now common for this type of device while the N Health application will offer to find activity tracking information.

When will this watch be released? At what price ?

Also according to Mukul Sharma, the OnePlus Watch Pro will arrive “soon in India”. The firm should also concentrate, initially, on the Indian market before open up to the rest of the world. OnePlus’ desire to promote the Nord brand – like Xiaomi with Poco – should push the manufacturer to offer its watch in Europe.

The OnePlus Watch Pro would be launched in India at less than 10,000 Indian rupees, i.e. about 125 euros. The launch price should be higher if released in France, but lower than that of the OnePlus Watch. Remember that this watch was offered at 159 euros when it was launched. It now remains to know all the technical characteristics; as well as the countries in which this new watch will be launched.

The design of the OnePlus Nord Watch is revealed thanks to its health app

After a somewhat mixed first try, OnePlus continues its path in the world of connected watches and will soon be back with a new watch, this time reserved for the Nord line that OnePlus would like to let fly on its own in the future. wings.


Offered at 159 euros at its launch, the OnePlus Watch, the first watch from the Chinese brand, attracted by its design, its screen and its generous autonomy, but lost us because of some shortcomings on the software side. OnePlus could therefore make some adjustments to this watch, the exact characteristics of which we do not yet know.

In terms of design, the OnePlus Nord Watch would resume, according to these images, a rectangular shape with rounded corners and a button centered on the right side which could be a digital crown.


Among the screenshots of the application, we can also discover six dials intended for the watch as well as a section to personalize yours with your own photos. We also discover the presence of sport modes for cycling and outdoor walking which would be present on the watch.

The OnePlus Nord Watch does not yet have a release date as of now, but according to him, it is expected to hit the Indian market soon.

OnePlus Nord Watch details and design leaked

Earlier this year, we heard rumors of an upcoming Nordic-branded smartwatch from OnePlus. However, since then things have remained relatively calm.

Finally, it looks like we’re close to release, as leaked screenshots appear on Twitter that show off the N Health app and a small image of the watch itself.

It looks like the Nord Watch will have an Apple-esque rounded rectangular screen, rather than the circular design we saw on last year’s OnePlus Watch.

The watch has a central crown on the right side, with raised strap connections on top and bottom.

The screenshots also detail some features we can expect, like fitness tracking and a variety of watch faces.

Advisor Mukul Sharma didn’t stop there, he took to Twitter to share even more details about the unannounced smartwatch.

fitness tracking features will be comprehensive and include SpO2 tracking, GPS location data, and sleep tracking.

OnePlus Nord Watch:

  • OnePlus may launch the Nord Watch in India first
  • OnePlus’ Nord Watch should have an angular design
  • Key Nord Watch features could include continuous heart rate and SpO2 tracking

Courtesy of Stufflistings, a set of screenshots have been shared on Twitter. These give a glimpse of what we should expect from the alleged OnePlus Nord Watch, at least for the black variant. The smartwatch sports a square shape like the Oppo Watch and the newer Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. The Nord Watch would also have a digital pusher positioned on the right side. The type of screen and its size are not yet known.