At E3 2018, Phil Spencer, leader of the Xbox division, commented that Microsoft was working on “Xbox consoles” for the future, treating the brand as a “device family”, something that is customary in the industry. But, in fact, the company’s absolute focus is only on Scarlett, and the executive clarified this plural that he used at the time.

“Last year we said consoles and launched a console, and now we detail another console. I think this is plural. (…) Technically, it is plural. Right now, we are focused on Project Scarlett and what we showed on stage,” explained the boss in an interview with Business Insider.

The device already launched to which Spencer refers is the Xbox One S All-Digital, console without disc tray. The market received this system in May this year.

This does not necessarily rule out the presence of other Xbox consoles to support the family in the next generation. At the moment, and even for the sake of confidentiality of information, the entire Microsoft division is focused on publicizing Scarlett, without exactly confirming or denying that there is an intention to launch more devices.

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