Players waiting for the console release of Overkill Software’s The Walking Dead will be put to the test. Starbreeze Studios has announced that the game has been postponed to February.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was announced four years ago by Overkill Software with a release date in 2016. However, the game was subsequently postponed to 2017, but was subsequently delayed again to 2018 due to circumstances.

If you happen to go to Gamescom, you can try the game out there for yourself (after probably waiting in line for 10 hours). To ease the pain of delaying the console version, the developer has thrown a number of screenshots into the world.

In addition to the ninth season of the hit TV series, The Walking Dead will also have two games on the market soon. Besides Overkill’s title, except for the console versions, the Telltale games come to an end this year with the final season.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be released on PC on November 6 in America and November 8 in Europe. The console release has therefore been postponed to February.

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