Overwatch 2 reveals the contents of the battle pass for season 1!

We’ve known for a while, Overwatch 2 will abandon loot boxes in favor of a battle pass. On the occasion of a few videos released recently, Blizzard has finally unveiled the content of the first season of the game, which will accompany its release.

Blizzard Announces Kiriko’s Release Amid Battle Pass Controversy

Blizzard just announced that the new version (and widely leaked Kiriko the ninja character) will be free for everyone Monitor 2 Players who already own a copy of the original Note and Watch. While this seems like cause for celebration, The controversial free part is the sequel’s decision to lock down access to most future characters Behind the Battle Pass system It was less responsive In new comments reported today, Blizzard executives explained why they think that the new system would eventually prove acceptable.

“What we’re really seeing in the data is that the majority of players in the Rate and Watch have the most playtime over two or fewer heroes. John Spector, Vice President of Note and Watch, For various media on a media call. “And you can get 99.9% playtime for the majority of our players with 12 champions or less. »

So here’s the official line on why Blizzard feels like a justified change from the original Rate and WatchA template for giving every character to all players for a system that locks new heroes behind the Battle Pass: Origin Rate and Watch players haven’t played enough different characters, so he probably won’t miss them.

But there are a few mixed messages. Characters are still at the heart of how Blizzard invests in the new game. … We want to be able to continually invest in this live gaming service. From a business perspective, it’s not free. »

To be sure, there will be some Free Starter Gifts for new players and old players. New heroes Sojourn and Junker Queen will be free to unlock for all Season 1 players, and Kiriko’s ninja support character will be free for players who own the original. Note and watch… but new players who want to try out Kiriko will either have to pay $10 for the Premium Battle Pass or grind the free pass to level 55. At least they’ll still be able to play all 32 characters from the original. existing.

Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko has announced a lot of information about the Season 1 Battle Pass

The new hero, Kiriko, will arrive alongside the game upon release. As a new support hero, the character can teleport through walls to protect teammates using a healing ofuda. Kiriko can also dash towards enemies to take them out with a kunai.

As for the Season 1 Battle Pass, Blizzard said it will “deliver more in a single drop” than it has delivered since the original game released in 2016. This includes three new heroes, which will all be available immediately to former Overwatch players. who log in during season 1 or season 2.

Overwatch 2 will feature a new seasonal model, meaning new content will arrive every nine weeks. Each season will feature new experiences and ways to play and will usually bring a new hero or map – alternating each season.

Each season will have a new Battle Pass, and each will have its own unique theme, up to 80+ levels of cosmetics to unlock, and at the start of each season all hero balance changes will be made.

Loot boxes, as you know, are going away with Overwatch 2. But you will be able to acquire anything you want through the in-game store using a virtual currency called Overwatch Coins. The store will contain cosmetic items every week for all players, and in Season 1 many will follow a cyberpunk theme. Future seasons will feature in-store items with different themes.

The store will also feature a “Just for You” section with personalized offers based on what you prefer to play and equip in-game, as well as rotating bundles. During our first few seasons, this section will feature rotating item bundles from the original Overwatch.

The Battle Pass is free for everyone, and you can choose to upgrade to the premium Battle Pass in the store to unlock premium rewards. There will also be a free track.

If a season features a new hero, they will be earnable through the free Battle Pass track at level 55. They will unlock immediately on the premium Battle Pass track. New heroes can also be purchased through the in-game store.

In season one, everyone who logs in to play will automatically receive Junker Queen and Sojourn. Those who own the original Overwatch will also receive Kiriko through their Founder’s Pack, which must be redeemed by logging in before the end of Season Two.

The free rewards to unlock in the Battle Pass come in 20 Tiers spread across the total 80 Tiers. This includes epic skims, weapon charm, keepsakes, highlight intro, emotes, victory poses, calling cards, sprays, player icons, and more.

The Premium Battle Pass track will include an additional 60 Tiers (for a total of 80) to unlock, including the Mythic Tier Skin and other premium cosmetic items. If the season includes a new hero, purchasing the Battle Pass Premium will also grant instant access to that hero in addition to a season-long Battle Pass experience boost and additional cosmetic rewards.

The Season 1 Premium Track offers instant access to Kiriko for new players and contains over 60 unlockable cosmetics, including five new legendary skins, one epic skin, and the all-new Cyber ​​Demon Genji Mythic skin. Mythic Skins is a whole new tier of skins, and that for Genji in particular has layers that you can mix and match.

The Premium Battle Pass will cost 1000 Overwatch Coins, which equals $10, and coins can be purchased directly or earned by completing weekly challenges.

As for progressing in the Battle Pass, you do so simply by playing the game as well as completing daily and weekly challenges. Those who complete the Season Battle Pass can continue to progress through Prestige Tiers.

In addition to the five new maps already announced, Season 1 will also introduce a new push map set in Portugal, Esperanca. All maps are available to everyone, and going forward, a new map will usually be introduced every alternate season. Both old and new limited-time game modes will be available, and in the first season you can expect the Wrath of the Bride Junkenstein event.

Overwatch 1’s Last Day Will Be October 2, Blizzard Confirms

The last day of Overwatch 1 will be October 2, Blizzard told me during an Overwatch 2 panel interview last night. (Note: This is in Pacific time perspective. With time differences, it could be October 3rd anywhere else in the world.) Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4th and will be the only Overwatch game in operation.

“So about a day before the launch of Overwatch 2, we’re going to take down the Overwatch 1 servers,” CEO Jon Spector explained to me. “That means, from a practical standpoint, October 2 is really the last day to come in and play Overwatch 1. And then that’s a 27-hour downtime that we plan to have the server running. Overwatch 2.”.

“We’re going to give current Overwatch players the option to download Overwatch 2 a little before we release it, if they want to pre-download. There are also a few things we’re asking players to do to prepare for Overwatch 2. We’ll be sharing a sort of launch checklist with players ahead of time so they have a smooth experience on October 4 when launch.

A look at Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen.

“So basically it’s October 2, Overwatch 1 has its last day, we’re down for 27 hours to give our team the ability to update all the servers to make sure the backend that takes support the release of Overwatch 2 is ready to run. and Next, players can log in on October 4. And if they already have Overwatch 1, they’ll basically get Overwatch 2 as a system-wise upgrade. You will see “Update game to Overwatch 2” as an option on your PC or console. If you’re a new player, you’ll be able to jump in, download, and play Overwatch 2 for free on October 4. »

Overwatch 2 unveils a new hero

Expected for the end of the year, this new opus will purely and simply replace the first episode and will integrate some new heroes.

As has been the case for many, Activision-Blizzard continues to share new information about Overwatch 2.

As a reminder, Overwatch 2 will be available from October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. The game will take the place of the first opus which will disappear completely on this occasion.

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