Paper Beast for PSVR in a new trailer for the fascinating ‘Sandbox’ mode

Pixel Reef has released a new trailer for Paper Beast which reveals the modality “Sandbox” of the game.

Here’s an overview of the mode, via the developers:

“A completely self-contained game mode, Sandbox allows players to create their own unique and free virtual domains, from the fantastic creatures that inhabit it, to the climate and the terrain itself.”

“Players can shape and manipulate the environment, influence the climate and experience the deep physics engine that powers the game.”

“Discover the distinct wildlife characteristics of Paper Beast in this brand new mode, as the creatures’ behavior is deeply dependent on the elements. Special attention is given to immersion and environmental simulation. Players can interact with eleven different hybrid animal species. as well as with plants, geological elements and even with the sun “.

“Paper Beast’s Sandbox mode will coexist with a captivating story in which intrepid explorers discover a blooming virtual world where bizarre environments and animals have evolved independently. Following the narrative, players will solve environmental puzzles and interact with wildlife. that adapts its behavior to the player’s actions “.

How about?

Paper Beast will arrive on PSVR in Q1 2020.

Source: Gematsu.