Telegram surprised us yesterday with a unique novelty: being able to import chats from other applications, such as WhatsApp. The novelty came first to iOS and Android in beta form, but now it is available to everyone on Telegram 7.4.

The import of chats is not the only novelty present in this update. It is also possible to delete more elements for everyone, the voice chat and the audio player are improved and new animations are introduced in Android, among other changes. Here we tell you all the news of Telegram 7.4.

Transfer of chats from WhatsApp

It is the star novelty of Telegram 7.4, and it is that until now no messaging application had dared with something like this. Incredibly effective, Telegram can import WhatsApp chats, LINE and Kakaotalk, so they will be displayed almost the same as in those other applications.

To import a WhatsApp chat in Telegram, you must first export it from WhatsApp. Then choose Telegram from the menu that opens with applications to share the export and then the conversation where you want to import the messages.

Delete for everyone, for everything

Another exclusive feature of Telegram is Delete for everyone. Other applications allow you to delete messages for the other person as well, but Telegram goes a step further: you can delete messages without a time limit and also those that have been sent to you (that is, you are not the sender).

The Telegram update brings the concept of deleting for everyone to other items. It is now available in secret chat, groups created by you and in the call history. That is, you can erase the trace of a Telegram call both on your mobile and on that of the other person.

Voice chat improvements

The newly released Telegram voice chats with a few tweaks. First, the call history shows which of your groups have an active voice chat at the top. Furthermore, it is possible adjust the volume of each participant in voice chat, individually.

Audio player improvements

A small improvement in the music player integrated in Telegram: by tapping on the name of the author of a track that you are playing, you can see all his tracks in all your chats. Also, you can go forward and backward by pressing and holding the Next and Previous buttons.

New animations on Android

A novelty for Android mobiles: new smooth animations distributed practically throughout the interface. You will find them by performing all kinds of actions such as downloading files, playing music, choosing photos to send …

Report fake channels and other news

The latest version of Telegram allows you Report fake channels and groups impersonating famous people or organizations. It is done from the menu Report> Fake account. The complaints will be reviewed by Telegram moderators. In addition, the latest version improves its accessibility with new features for TalkBack and VoiceOver users.


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