Path of Exile escapes from Cyberpunk and delays the expansion

The day before yesterday, CD Projekt RED announced that the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed to December 10. People from Grinding Gear Games studio decided that they are not ready to confront this title and they delayed the premiere of the next expansion pack for the RPG Path of Exile for January.

The expansion was originally scheduled to be released on December 11, this year, as update 3.13. The authors’ decision is not surprising. CP2077 promises to be one of the biggest premieres of the year, so it would be a very bad idea to release the expansion a day after the release of CD Projekt RED’s behemoth. Developers at Grinding Gear Games also found that many of their fans are waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 and don’t want to force them to choose between the two games.

The developers plan to complete add-on 3.13 as planned, i.e. in December. They will spend time until the release of the update working on the next patch / expansion, i.e. 3.14. To Path of Exile lovers They did not get bored during Christmas, for the end of the year there is at least one event which will last several weeks. Details of this event will be disclosed at a later date.

The delay in the expansion’s release will not affect the Grinding Gear Games schedule, but the developers expect it will force some minor modifications in next year’s update release calendar. We will know more about this when the developers reveal the specific release date for 3.13.

Path of Exile debuted in 2013 on the PC. Three years later, the Xbox One version was released, and in 2019 we had a PlayStation 4 release. The game uses a free model with micropayments.

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