Path of Exile gets official release date on PlayStation 4

After being promised by Grinding Gears Games for “a March moment”, Path of Exile finally got the official date to make its PlayStation 4 debut. Sony console owners will be able to check out the action game and loot search from March 26, in the same free to play molds already found on PC and Xbox One.

Originally, Grinding Gear intended to bring the game to the console in December 2018, but decided to postpone the transition for a few months. According to the company, this allowed both the company to further optimize the game and ensured that the contents of the “Synthesis” update would also be available for the platform.

Along with the announcement of the date, the developer released a new trailer for Path of Exile focused on the PlayStation 4 version. The promise is that more details about the launch, which should include information about microtransactions and item packages, should be revealed as the day progresses. programmed approaches.