Path of Exile: Heist – the new expansion will allow you to steal

Are you ready for fantasy theft?

On September 18, PC owners will be able to play a new addition to the iconic Path of Exile. Console players will wait until September 23. And the wait is definitely worth it, because the add-on will introduce many new features.

The add-on is completely detached from the basic version of the game in terms of gameplay. This expansion is actually a new game, consisting in planning and conducting a robbery. In Heist it will not profit us to slaughter all our opponents; the game will reward a quiet, even stealthy approach. Every loud sound, every killed guard will increase the level of security the place we robbed and after reaching the maximum level, the countdown will start, at the end of which we will be attacked by countless enemies. What will the gameplay be like? We quietly get inside, with the help of specialists on the way, and after collecting the items that interest us, we run away. But where to get these professionals?

As the creators announce, in Rogue Harbor it will be waiting for us 13 rogues willing to jump together. They will help us implement the intricate plan and obtain valuable artifacts. The hired NPCs are supposed to have different skills necessary for a successful jump, such as lockpicking, destruction and transportation. However, Grand Heist will require detailed planning of our action and will offer exclusive rewards in the form of new weapons and armor. All this will be possible thanks to the new Heist league.

Will also be added to the game 9 new skills, Support Gems and some spells. There will also be more Supporter Packs, i.e. packages containing points and cosmetic items. However, aesthetic values ​​are not the only things they will provide. The most important task of kits for which players pay with real money is to ensure the continued growth of PoE.

The developers also have good news for macOS users. With the launch of Path of Exile, it will become available on Apple computers.

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  • Official website of the game