Path of Exile makes its PlayStation 4 debut in March

Originally scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 in December 2018, Path of Exile finally got a new release forecast on the platform. Developer Grinding Gear Games says the free to play game will be released in March, after the creators have devoted extra time to improving it.

According to managing director Chris Wilson explained to GameSpot, in December the team responsible for the adaptation already felt they had a game in solid form for the PlayStation 4. However, they felt that there was room for improvement, which, along with the approval process on Sony’s side, it resulted in a delay of several months.


The new date means that Path of Exile will arrive on PlayStation 4 accompanied by all the DLCs already available on PC and Xbox One, including the recent “Synthesis”. “It would have been nice to have released it then, but we want first impressions to be good and there were certain areas of the game that we were not happy with. We wanted to make it firmer, ”explained Wilson.

With Synthesis, Path of Exile will gain a new league system and should see some balance changes in its spells and abilities. The forecast is that more details about the expansion, as well as the specific date on which the title will reach the Sony platform, will be released in the coming weeks.