Path of Exile more popular than ever; Echoes of the Atlas breaks the bank

On Friday, update 3.13 to Path of Exile was released, which introduced the Echoes of the Atlas expansion pack. The launch of the expansion was a great success, allowing the game to set a new record for activity on Steam.

At the hottest moment on January 15, i.e. on the patch release date, in Path of Exile 157 103 people played on Steam at the same time. This is the best result since the game’s debut in 2013. It is worth adding that these numbers do not fully reflect the popularity of the PC production, because PoE also has a separate client that allows you to play outside of the Valve studio’s website.

Source: SteamDB.

Currently, the Echoes of the Atlas update is only available on PC. Console gamers won’t have to wait long for their version, however. The add-on will go to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next Wednesday, January 20.

Let us remind you that Echoes of the Atlas introduces to PoE, among others eleven new maps, a series of battles with more and more boss groups, additional passive skill trees and a new challenge league.

There are many indications that the expansion will be the last big expansion to the first part this year, as the authors want to focus on the sequel. “Jedynka” will be further developed, but the updates are to be more modest.

Echoes of the Atlas it is also interesting because its visual style is similar to what Path of Exile 2 will offer. Some of the graphics elements of the add-on have been directly taken from the upcoming sequel.

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