Path of Exile – the Blight add-on will bring a tower defense-like experience

The update brings a new storyline into the game in which we need to prevent the spread of a strange rumble.

Grinding Gear Games ’free-to-play RPG, Path of Exile, has expanded a lot over the years and will continue for some time to come. Next up will be the Blight add-on, which expands the story, brings a new kind of gameplay, introduces an important new character, and also includes plenty of outfits for our characters.

In the story of Blight, a strange decay begins to spread throughout the world, transforming living beings into mindless monsters. The new NPC, Sister Cassia, is in a hurry to save the world, and we’ll get missions from him in which we have to stop the rampage from spreading. This will be aided by all sorts of machines that destroy the fungal nodes that are the source of the spoilage, but in need of protection while they are doing their job. With these fights, we can also gain oils from the upgrade, which can be used to nourish our character or make various useful items with their help. In the preview released for the update, we can take a look at this new kind of gameplay, which is a bit similar to tower defense games:

Path of Exile: Blight arrives on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th.