Path of Exile will no longer support Windows XP, Vista and DirectX 9

Grinding Gear Games has announced that it is ending support for Windows XP, Vista and DirectX 9 for the online role-playing game Path of Exile. According to the developer, the end of support should happen with a new update, which will be released in March for PCs.

According to Grinding Gear, the number of Path of Exile players who still use older versions of Windows amounts to just 0.1% of the installed base, which explains why developers are ending support for these platforms.

“Microsoft, Steam and most other game companies have already stopped supporting these operating systems and we plan to do the same. This will also free up our technical resources so that we can work on tasks that impact the game the most,” announced the studio.

In addition to the platforms, Path of Exile will also no longer provide support for DirectX 9, which was necessary so that Windows XP and Vista players could play the game. In addition to these people, some players preferred the version of the title with DX9 as they could disable the shadows of the scenario, since they already had DirectX 11 installed on their computers.

According to Grinding Gear, Path of Exile scenarios were created using its shadows. Over time, they have been smoothed out, but removing them completely delivers a game quite different from what was imagined, so the developers created a new shadow system that works better with DirectX 11.

Grinding Gear hopes to deliver an even better game after the end of its support for older platforms, as it can simplify its code for newer versions of the operating system.