Path of Exile’s next expansion postpones its arrival until January due to Cyberpunk 2077’s latest delay

One of the news that has surprised us the most this week has been the delay of Cyberpunk 2077 until next December 10. Something that no one had expected to happen, especially after the game has reached its gold phase, and something that is seen to be Grinding Gear Games didn’t sit well at all, the creators of Path of Exile.

It is clear that the new CD Projekt RED work is one of the most anticipated games of the year and to companies they would not like their titles to match him on the same date. For that reason, the next expansion of Path of Exile, which was scheduled to arrive on December 11, has been seen delayed until January 2021.

Grinding Gear Games has not wanted to hide the reason at any time, hence it has confessed that you don’t want to put players in the position of choosing between the two games. In fact, your goal is still to have the expansion ready for the date that was originally planned, so during the extra month you will take the opportunity to start working on another expansion.

Incidentally, he has taken the opportunity to announce that during the Christmas season it will hold a series of special events that will last a week and on which he will offer more information soon. So at least all Path of Exile players will have good entertainment while they wait for the news that will arrive next year.

Source : Gadgetsnow