From this Thursday (27), the game Perfect World Mobile finally arrives translated into Brazilian Portuguese. The title continues the classic Chinese MMORPG, which was also a huge success in the country.

“The entire Perfect World Mobile development team admires the passion of the players and the Brazilian culture and that is why we decided that Brazil would be one of the first regions to receive the title in the local language,” said Bai Xue, producer of the game.

According to him, the decision to translate the MMO came just after the game’s success in Brazil, in addition to the community’s interest in collaborating with the improvements: “We are happy with all the support that the Brazilian community has given us since the announcement of the open beta of title.”

Live old and new adventures in the Perfect Continent. (Source: Perfect World Games / Reproduction)

The classic Chinese MMORPG was successful when it was launched in Brazil in 2005. The mobile version, which arrived internationally in 2019, takes place in the same universe and features several locations, mechanics and other famous elements of the original title, such as the iconic flight system and the different classes.

In addition to all the nostalgia, the title also introduces several new features, including the Terras Áridas and Prado Ventoso maps, legendary missions, an unprecedented plot and improved graphics. The most recent novelty was Confronto, a league between servers with teams of six people.

Perfect World Mobile is available for free for iOS and Android.

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