Perfect World PVP Servers are unified into a single server

Perfect World | The result of the merger of Phoenix and Taurus servers, Cassiopeia will make the game more competitive and improve the experience in instances, wars and world boss.

The Level Up! just announced the merger of the MMO Perfect World servers, Phoenix and Taurus, in Cassiopeia, the new PVP (Player vs Player) server for the game in Brazil.

This process will enhance players’ experience, making it easier to find groups for instance and world boss, as well as making Chinese-inspired free MMORPG PVP battles more competitive.

Due to the merger, the game servers will be closed momentarily from Tuesday (18) to 14:00 with the forecast to end on Wednesday (19) 18:00.

Here are all the rules and what you need to know to prepare for server union:

The process of merging the servers will influence the limit of characters per account, which will be 16. The in-game bank and the score for territorial wars will be reset to zero.

The fusion will not change the characters’ visual and statistical characteristics, as well as inventory items, GOLD, coins and temporary items.

All quests will remain in progress saved before the upkeep for the fusion and your clan, as well as all their contribution information, will not change.

Players who log into the new Cassiopeia server between the 20th and 27th of May will be rewarded with items, namely:

Avatar S’s Chest: Item that favors the character’s stats.

Ultimate Luxury Gift: Various consumable items to help the player along their journey.

More information on the official Perfect World page.

Launched by Level Up Games in Brazil in 2008, Perfect World is a free online RPG with a rich world based on Chinese folklore and culture.

The game is light, ideal for notebooks and less powerful computers, and has all the new material released in more than ten expansions.

For more information about Perfect World, visit the game’s official page, as well as the official YouTube and Facebook profiles.

About Level Up – A Level Up! is a company created in 2002 in the Philippines and present in Brazil since 2004, with the mission of bringing together the main global developers and players in Latin America.

With offices in Brazil and Colombia, the company has Tencent Games as an investor, one of the largest technology companies in the world.

To fulfill its mission, Level Up operates in the publication of Games; game distribution by B2B and B2C – Level Up is the largest distributor of digital games in Brazil, with partners such as Sony, Garena, Lockwood, NCSoft, Webzen, Tencent etc; and provision of marketing services (communities/Social, eSports, influencers, media, market research, events, etc) and customer service in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Currently, with more than 200 employees, Level Up has been adapting to market changes and working with passion for developers to invest more in Latin America.