Persona 5 Scramble appears for the first time with English texts in an Asian store for February 2021

Despite this, can we have any illusions?

Persona 5 has helped the saga establish itself with much notoriety within the panorama of Atlus gamesSince it has gone from a niche environment with Persona 4 to being immensely popular. In fact, with Persona 5 Royal he further strengthened this popularity, having an excellent fiscal year and reaching 1.4 million copies worldwide.

Right now the success of the new installment of Persona continues with Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, a musou-style game that serves as a direct continuation of the story of Person 5. Although he has remained equally well received in Japan, he has not yet left his home country since February 20, 2020, although that may change shortly.

As reported by Persona Central, three stores in Asia are already listing Persona 5 Scramble with a release date. From Indonesia, PS Enterprise He states from his Facebook that it was because his distributor confirmed that the game would arrive in 2021. In other stores, such as the Pakistani Toy or Game or Qisahn in Singapore they even give a Exact release date: February 23, 2021.

All are for an English release “Region 3“, which is the launch for the Southeast Asian market. As such, this version of the game would be published by Sega Asia and not Atlus West. Although Persona 5 Scramble was recently registered in America, indicating that it would soon be localized into English.

The languages ​​of Korea and China, as they are also part of Region 3 of Persona 5 Scramble, were launched on June 18. Remember that, according to Koei Tecmo, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers will arrive in the West, although the information that could be seen was rectified shortly after.

Sega wants to continue releasing ports, remasters and remakes of Atlus after the success of Persona 4 Golden

All this, in addition, can be seen compiled in the Twitter account Has Persona 5 Scramble Been Translated. The launch of Persona 5 Scramble outside of Japanese territory is closer than we can think.