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pets, documentaries, fantastic cinema and kings of the neighborhood

pets, documentaries, fantastic cinema and kings of the neighborhood

While the great productions that sustain the film industry continue to back down and delay their multi-million dollar bets, our cinemas welcome a handful of interesting proposals for all audiences with open arms. Terror, animation and some documentary will occupy the screens of the weekend of October 9.

The highlight of the weekend is Judd Apatow, Rupert Wyatt and rookie Keith Thomas. The king of comedy presents his particular tribute to the rebellious figure of Pete Davidson, while the filmmaker who resurrected the saga of ‘Planet of the Apes’ arrives with social science fiction. For his part, Thomas debuts with an interesting piece of camera of paranormal horror.

Captive Nation (2019)

In favor: The director of ‘The origin of the planet of the apes’ knew how to hit the right key and resurrect a franchise that Tim Burton left mortally wounded and on which no one was betting. While it is true that since that job he has been wandering between television and some discreet production, his name is still familiar to fans of the genre.

Against: Arrives late, they have almost passed ten years since his last foray in science fiction and the global political situation (not to mention medical) it seems to work against him when it should be the opposite. But a story of the characteristics of the film is always appreciated.

Criticism in SamaGame: ‘Captive Nation’.

The Vigil (2019)

In favor: Starting from such a largely unknown base as is the Jewish religion to offer a little tale of sheer horror. This starting point is so attractive that its scarce 90 minutes enter the desert like a refreshing glass of water.

Against: Precisely for this reason, for starting so high, for promising us a trip into the unknown, can be frustrating: the outcome and its previous development are nothing more than reformulations of the same clichés that have made Blumhouse great.

Criticism in SamaGame: ‘The Vigil’.

Summer of ’85 (2020)

In favor: François Ozon’s film arrives with the Cannes 73 label and in Super 16, good signs for the new of a filmmaker who always has something interesting to say whatever topic he touches.

Against: Maybe the shadow of ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is too long. Even in the typography and style of the poster. His somewhat washed-out narrative may take out the viewer of the movie.

Like Cats and Dogs: The United Patrol (2020)

In favor: Talking cats and dogs come out. The villain is a parrot. The kids can watch those moves for a while, I guess.

Against: Third installment of a franchise that we believed was terminated a decade ago, and that before there were some other stars more or less in decline.

The Magic Bow (2020)

In favor: Goldfish and a rich three-dimensional marine world in this sort of Russian Nemo farm. Discover Russian cinema from a different perspective.

Against: Looks like the submarine and soviet equivalent to the much more Spanish and cyclist ‘Bikes’, and it also seems made in the same basement where the dog movie up there was mounted.

The King of the Neighborhood (2020)

In favor: Judd Apatow. The real king of comedy (especially when he gives carte blanche to the new comedy talents of the USA comedy through production) another epic of more than two hours is marked to put Pete Davidson in the front line.

Against: The humor or the acting skills of the controversial comedian of ‘Saturday Night Live’ they are not for everyone. The same thing happens with the sweet treatments of the Apatow director, who gives you a jewel (‘Make me laugh’, ‘Virgin at 40’) as well as a first-rate rock (‘Embarrassing mess’).

Dehesa, the forest of the Iberian lynx (2020)

In favor: It is the new work of the person in charge of the remarkable ‘Cantabrico’, with which the poster of this Dehesa also makes a great game. The wild beauty of the nature in glorious 4K.

Against: The bitter feeling of verifying that we are still the savages and the destroyers, and that we would have been much happier Living far from the madding crowd But of course, then we could not see these documentaries.

Wet Letters (2020)

In favor: Paula Palacios’ documentary is one of those calls for attention, for help, that from time to time they are necessary. We easily forget that we are not helping the world, precisely.

Against: It will shock us and for a few days we will be mulling over the shipwreck issue. Until we forget again and someone else to roll another.

Arzak since 1897 (2020)

In favor: Juan Mari Arzak is one of the most important figures of our gastronomic culture, and the time has come to pay tribute to someone who runs a restaurant with more than 100 years of tradition.

Against: Watching a documentary about the figure of Arzak eating popcorn can be the biggest downturn of your life.

Sanmao: The Desert Bride (2019)

In favor: Her collage style and the gripping story of the famous Chinese-born, Taiwan-raised author, Sanmao, who inspired generations of young women who yearned for independence from conservative social norms.

Against: Some other minor rhythm problem and falling interest. Nothing serious within your tight 85 minutes.