Phil Spencer comments in an interview the expected impact of the coronavirus on the industry

Phil Spencer spoke to Business Insider about the expected impact of the coronavirus on the video game industry.

The Xbox CEO says he is not worried about the games due out in the summer or early fall, but “the games that were hoping to launch in a year or beyond? There will be an impact, but they will be able to react.”

One of the reasons for the delays is that certain activities have been stopped, particularly motion capture. “If you already had all the animations captured and you were tweaking more individual art production aspects in areas like textures and other things, you are in a better position. If you are expecting a lot of audio material (with symphony orchestras and other things) or motion capture, you’re stuck right now. “

In his opinion, this will be especially noticeable in annual sports franchises: “in those games that were finally going to have their entire asset base in terms of art production could have the biggest impact. “

On Xbox Series X, Spencer is confident: “We are obviously not traveling to China, although we are satisfied with our progress in hardware.” He already has a console at home and “I play almost every night, and I am satisfied with the software updates they are doing.”

To close the article, he concludes that “I have a lot of confidence in the industry’s ability to continue releasing games smoothly” since “there are a lot of games in production in the industry right now and I think that, as an industry, we will be good. I’m optimistic about the games in the long term, even if there is some impact on the release window of certain titles. ”