Philips continues to announce news for this newly released year and after the interesting miniLED televisions presented yesterday they have advanced what will be their new line sports-oriented wireless headphones under the name Sports range with in-ear, on-ear and bone conduction models.

Philips A7306 Sports TWS

The most cutting-edge model of the line is the A7306 Sports TWS, a truly wireless device that offers passive noise cancellation and multiple customization options with interchangeable rings around the body of the headset in three different colors and three detachable hooks to keep the pinna securely attached to our ears.

Each pavilion mounts 9mm drivers with battery to work up to 6 hours in a row, with an additional 18 hours in the housing that serves to recharge them offering one hour of use in just 15 minutes.

This model incorporates a system to measure the user’s pulsations compatible with the majority of fitness applications on the market, it is IP57 certified, resistant to dust, sweat and water and its cover has a system of ultraviolet light cleaning that sanitizes headphones in just 20 seconds.

It also has the environment listening function activatable by pressing the pavilion touch control, has two microphones in each earbud to make voice calls, smart pairing function, support for Google Assistant and Siri. As for its availability, it will arrive in the second quarter of 2021 for a price of 179.99 euros.

Philips A6606 Sports

Next in the range is the A6606, a bone conduction-type model that transmits sound through vibrations through the jaw bones, allowing the user to keep your ears free to hear what is happening around you.

It is made in the shape of a headband and a titanium reinforcement designed to fit under a bicycle helmet, mounting on the back a led light that we can control from the Philips Headphones App.

Regarding its autonomy, it offers battery for 9 hours of use with one hour fast charging system for only 15 minutes of recharging. It is IP67 certified, dust and sweat resistant, has a smart pairing function, two microphones for calls and USB-C cable. It will hit stores in the second quarter of the year in black for a price of 149.99 euros.

Philips A4216

The Philips A4216 is a more classic design headset that offers a on-ear or supraural format and 40mm drivers with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity hidden under folding canopies covered in synthetic memory foam and a gel capable of absorbing heat.

They are designed for long sessions of mobility use, offering up to 25 hours of autonomy with 2 hour fast charge in just 15 minutes. They are IP55 certified, resistant to water, dust and sweat and feature a microphone for calls. They will go on sale in the second quarter of the year for a price yet to be determined.

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