Play Among Us with included audio chat with each player using just one iPad – we show you how

Among us, a small game initially created without great pretensions, has conquered the traffic of the gaming world and of Twitch broadcasts. And one of the keys to this success is based on two very simple factors: the game can be downloaded for free and is even compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Now, one thing is to play Among Us, and another is to play Among Us in style with our group of friends and with an audio conference included. That conference must be done with a separate application, which is easy to solve on Mac, but It is no longer so if all players depend on an iPad and an iPhone. Let’s see what possible solutions there are.

IPadOS ‘Picture-in-Picture’ is our ally

Organizing a game of Among Us including an audio chat from another application is easy if all players want to play a game of Among Us from the iPad. Simply start a FaceTime call between all players, with or without video as you please, and return to the main iPadOS screen so that the call is in PiP format. So we can start Among Us and allow the game to preside over the screen.

A note: if we choose to make the call only in audio, the PiP interface will show us the message ‘in Pause’ (as seen in the image above). That does not mean that the call has stopped, what is paused is the video part of the call. We will continue to be able to speak and listen to the rest of the participants.

During the game there will be moments in which part of the players will have to mute their microphones, but no problem: FaceTime’s PiP window includes just one button to do that without having to put Among Us in the background. With that, we gain comfort in the game, wherever we are, and with the option to promptly consult a chat in which, for example, share the code of the server in which we play.

If any of the players play from a device other than Apple, we can always do the exact same thing using another video calling service that integrates the PiP interface of the system, like for example Skype. Usually the community tends to do it with Discord, but this particular application does not have that advantage.

The arrival of PiP to iOS 14 leads me to say that we could also do the same, although already in a somewhat more uncomfortable way due to the dimensions of the iPhone screen. We will achieve the best experience using an iPad, although We can always take advantage of the iPhone to have a chat conversation or even a FaceTime call there. It is an alternative if we do not care about the battery consumption that it would imply.