Players spent more than $ 680 million on the Epic Games Store and Brazilians are among the most active

Epic Games Store celebrated its first year of life in December 2019 and the numbers recorded in the first 12 months are highly promising for the company.

Despite the controversies in which it was involved, Epic Games saw more than 108 million players spend more than $ 680 million on purchases at its digital PC video game store.

According to, a large part of that amount belongs to Fortnite, but Epic Games ensures that $ 251 million was registered by purchasing third-party games that it sells in its store.

Access to temporary exclusives and the offer of games every new week have become two of the main attractions of EGS and according to now revealed, 73 games were offered in the first 12 months of life.

Epic guarantees that it will continue to offer new games every week throughout 2020.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad added that Brazil is part of the 5 most active countries in the Epic Games Store.

It is in the United States of America that the Epic Games Store registers the most active users, followed by Russia and China, followed closely by Brazil, which represents 6.48% of active users.

US, Russia, China, Brazil and Germany are the top countries for active players on the Epic Games Store.

EGS launched in China during May last year.

Implemented regional pricing, local payment methods (Alipay / WeChat Pay) and game / UI localization.

Has been successful there.

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