A few days ago, the successful PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, received an update on PC, and after her, BlueHole has been put to work to improve the version of the game in Xbox One. In this way, the game is updated on the Microsoft console receiving various corrections that they solve certain specific problems.

Despite the failures on Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has already surpassed 3 million players on this platform.

A few hours ago, via the official game forums, a community coordinator noted that the development team is working on a solution to address “a problem in the game that was hampering the experience for some players.” Addressed this bug, the patch that the game receives on Xbox One, as well fixes some minor issues.

Unlike the PC version, which would no longer be found in «Early Access», in the case of the version of Xbox One, the game is still included in the program «Game Preview» of the platform, and at the moment there is no news about when a final version of the title will be available. So, let’s see what are the notes of the latest update of PUBG on Xbox One.

In relation to the playability of the title several improvements have been included:

  • Pistols have been removed from the weapon rotation that we can select through the ‘Y’ button, and in this way, they have been grouped with melee weapons.
  • In this regard, players can now equip pistols by pressing the upper direction arrow on the control crosshead.
  • Certain improvements related to «rubber banding«. This consists of the player positioning adjustment during games.
  • Additionally, certain server performance issues have also been improved when Players parachute out of the plane.

Regarding the game options, a new control scheme has been added in Xbox One, that some players were suing. This novelty, allow players to aim with the sight of the weapon with the LT button on Xbox controller. On the contrary, if we press LB, we can use the view in third person.

And finally, in relation to other errors in the game, Fixed an issue when joining a squad via invites if we were out of the game.

In this way, the changes we receive in this game update for Xbox One It is not that they have been very substantial, but they do aim to improve the playable experience of the users. Don’t hesitate to download it!