Fortnite has won many fans in recent years. However, despite the great success, the game is considered an addiction by many people. Something that has already sparked lawsuits against Epic Games and the comparison with drug use.

Interestingly, the French psychologist and psychoanalyst Michaël Stora recommends another game to cure this addiction. Co-founder of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Human Sciences, the expert recommends Zelda: Breath of the Wild as an antidote against battle royale.

According to him, Link’s adventure has mechanics that are excellent for the “detox gamer”. For example, the Nintendo Switch title has an in-depth history and encourages exploration. In addition, it allows the player to choose the pace as they progress through the game.

Meanwhile, battle royale games like Fortnite have a fast-paced, plotless dynamic. So, the player has no control over situations and just reacts to constant actions.

Exploring the world of Breath of the Wild is a therapeutic experience. (Source: Disclosure)

At another point, Michaël Stora points out that Breath of the Wild can generate what he calls “the magic of therapeutic mediation”. By following a script, he can present parallels between the protagonist’s story and the player’s personal life.

In this way, the expert believes that the RPG characters themselves can serve as therapists, especially for children. With this, they learn to overcome the difficulties of their daily lives with the lessons learned during the game.

Given this, the French psychologist reinforces the theory that electronic games are not harmful to children. This makes it clear that they have many positive effects according to the titles that the little ones experience.

Check out the video, in French, with psychologist Michaël Stora:

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