PlayStation 4 | Accessories and console are cheaper in Brazil; PS4 is no longer manufactured in the country

On the 15th, President Jair Bolsonaro decreed the reduction of IPI rates (which is the Tax on Industrialized Products) related to video game consoles, accessories and parts.

Now we are seeing the fruits of it all. On Monday, the 26th, Sony revealed that it will lower the prices of PlayStation line products in the country.

Check out the new national values ​​of all products below:

  • Playstation 4: from R $ 2599 to R $ 2399
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: from R $ 2999 to R $ 2799
  • PlayStation VR headset: from R $ 2799 to R $ 2599
  • Dualshock 4 wireless control (Black): from R $ 259 to R $ 249
  • Dualshock 4 wireless control (additional colors): from R $ 279 to R $ 269

Two things are important to mention. The above prices are suggested by the company, which means that there may be offers depending on the store. In addition, the new values ​​start to apply for parts that are being billed by PlayStation as of today.

In other related news, a spokesman for the PlayStation said that consoles are not being produced in the country. “We no longer have consoles made in Brazil,” he said, via The Enemy.